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Unit 8 Lecture 4

No description

Wade Long

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of Unit 8 Lecture 4

The Plan
The Raid
The Trial
Eve of the War
Raid made Southerners even more nervous
Paranoia about Northern actions
Slave rebellion was South's biggest fear
Talk of secession began seriously
Fear of Republicans encouraging rebellion
South wanted to be secure
Was war inevitable?
Brown denounced slavery
Became a hero to abolitionists
Villain to Southerners
Declared America must pay in blood
Civil War would fulfill that promise
October 16, 1859
Brown captured arsenal
No one showed up to rebel
October 17, 1859
Robert E Lee
2 of Brown's sons killed
Brown captured for trial
Free slaves in Virginia mountains
Arm them
Kill slave owners
Free more slaves
Arm them
Repeat as they moved south
Start a free black republic in the South
Some abolitionists agreed
Frederick Douglass called it foolish
John Brown - The Man and the Myth
1856 - Bleeding Kansas
Used family as soldiers
Killed pro-slavery citizens
Prophet of God
On a mission from God
"Wash away the sin of slavery"
Harper's Ferry, VA
Military depot
Guns with little security
Rented a farm in MD
22 allies
Did little to recruit slaves to rebel
The Arsenal at Harper's Ferry
The Raid on Harper's Ferry
Discussion Questions
Be prepared to discuss the following questions in class tomorrow!
What symbolism do you see in the painting?
Do you think John Brown's plan was morally right?
Do you think the US could have avoided Civil War at this point?
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