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Odysseus' Travel Brochure

No description

Emma Melichar

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Odysseus' Travel Brochure

Odysseus' Travel Brochure
Ogygia is the home of the sea nymph Calypso. It's a beautiful island where Odysseus is sent to be kept away from his family. This island is located next to the Lotus Eaters.
Odysseus' Time on Ogygia
Island of Ogygia
Odysseus was sent to Ogygia so he would be further away from his home and family. Odysseus was on the island for 7 years. During that time Calypso got lonely and realized how much she enjoyed the company and offered him immortality. He turned her down.
Traits or Values Shown
Calypso shows hospitality to Odysseus. This is shown when she lets him stay on her island.
Excursions, Tours and More
There are many things to do for a day on Ogygia. You can take a tour of Calypso's house before going out to eat at Calypso's cafe. Sit down and relax with their special Sea Nymph Salad.
Sea Nymph Salad
Land of Cyclops
The Land of the Cyclops is a rocky land where the cyclops live. Even though they aren't the most friendly, you would still love a day on this island. This island is located close to Aeolus and the Oxen of the Sun.
Odysseus' Time with the Cyclops
Odysseus sailed onto the Land of the Cyclops one day on his journey back home. When Odysseus and his crew snuck into the cave and the Cyclops saw them it would eat 2 people everyday. Eventually Odysseus pokes out the Cyclope's eye and escaped on the underbelly of the goats.
Land of the Cyclops
Traits or Values Shown
At the Land of the Cyclops you know that Odysseus is cunning because of the idea he came up with to get out of the cave. He tied himself and the rest of the crew members to the underbelly of the goats so they could leave unoticed.
Excursions, Tours and More
There are many things to do at the Land of the Cyclopes. If you like the water, then take a day to enjoy the waterpark and don't foget to ride the Cyclopes Cyclone. If you aren't a big fan of water than take a hike to the Cyclope's cave.
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