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Aana Brown

About ME !!!!

Aana Brown

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Aana Brown

Aana Brown
Her name is
Hanna Nicole
Her name is
Avie Brown !
I'm the youngest!!!
so my mom
takes my side
My Other half(:
June-3 1998
Our Recent Pictures
She WAS so beautiful
I love Marilyn Monroe
Her quotes are
Amazing (:
My Best Friend and I...
Her name is
Hanna Nicole (:
This is what she looked like before she
her hair
...She was just
She Was a BLONDE...

Now her
hair is

We are exactly 3 minutes apart...
I got her off guard(:
She's the Mean one
I think
we look NOTHING
I met her
in my gym class
Last year
Background from: Tumblr.com
My pictures from: MY COMPUTER
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