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The Journey of Self&Others: INT101

No description

Mahrie Bowman

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Journey of Self&Others: INT101

The Journey of Self&Others: INT 101
What are you used to?
Busy Work
Boring Lectures
Standardized Testing
The Change

Our first essay in the first two weeks
Mind blowing discussions
Using the world as a text
Motivation began to arise after first grade
More than a classroom
INT Alternative weekend
High school college encouragement
Assisted living visit
Walks to Rose Hill cemetery
Dinner at Doc Trog"s
Expanding thoughts outside the room
Coming out of the cave
Every text has a purpose
Texts related to the world around us and its problems
Exposure to all sides of an argument
Challenge of personal opinions
- Being in INT 101
Clip is edited from original link
no copyright infringement is intended
Our Definition of INT101
Interactive class based on group discussion that covers the areas of, but not limited to, writing, critical thinking, reading, and understanding of all viewpoints.
What can you expect?
Exploratory writing and reading for every class
Group discussion
Deep thought exploration
Formal writing assignments most every two weeks
Writing log/ homework checks
Class bonding
Occasional surprises
Reccomendations for Success
Go to class
Do your work on time
Don't be afraid to ask for help whether from a student or the teacher
Time management: get ahead, not behind

First Grade of Semester
By: Jim Beatty, Cantrece Huey, and Mahrie Bowman
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