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Counting By 7s

No description

Jonah Hernandez

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Counting By 7s

The book "Counting By 7s", by Holly Goldberg Sloan, is set in Bakersfield California. Willow attends Sequoia Middle School. Home of the Giants. A school that actually exists (see picture above).
Throughout the story their are 2 main conflicts including, Character vs Self and Character vs World.
Willow battles her self in trying to readjust to the world after her parents are killed. The second conflict is character vs world because throught the story Wiillow struggles to connect with others
Setting & Conflict
In the end of Counting By 7s Willow is adopted for the second time in her life by Pattie Nguyen & Jairo Hernandez. She is embraced by her new family, consisting of Mai, Quang-Ha, Pattie, Jairo, and Dell Duke. At the end she lists the 7 people that are the most important to her...
"1. My mom (always)
2. and my dad (forever)
3. Mai
4. Dell
5. Quang-Ha
6. Pattie
7. Jairo
Holly Goldberg Sloan
Counting by 7s is by Holly Goldberg Sloan.
She is also the author of "I'll Be There" and is a producer too. She helped write and produce Disney's "Angels in The Outfield" as well as Disney's "The Big Green"
Willow's parent's die in a car accident
Flashback 2 months and Willow is about to start school at Sequoia Middle School in Bakersfield, California.
Willow is the firs person to ever ace a standardized test which she completes in 17 minutes and 47 seconds
Willow is scheduled for counseling with Dell Duke who files her name under the category of Genius.
Willow meets Mai and Quang-Ha
Willow learns Vietnamese to become friends with Mai
Willow is taken to Mai's "house" after the accident and meets Mai's mom.
Willow is taken to a child department
Willow faints and gets stitches
Willow runs away and goes to the library
Patty takes custody of Willow
The Nguyen's move into Dell Duke's apartment
Dell Duke buys sunflower seeds for Willow
Jairo Hernandez wins $20,000 and decides to go to college.
Willow makes her case to clear out ugly red rock to the Town Hall and succeeds
Harry, Phil, and Lorenzo help Willow set up her dream garden.
Willow has her trial at the Jamison County Courthouse before Judge Beiderman.
Pattie Nguyen and Jairo Hernandez recieve full custody of Willow
Presentation By: Jonah Hernandez
Counting By 7s
Thanks for Watching!
Main Characters
Minor Characters
Willow: The main character
Dell Duke: School Counselor
Mai: Willow's first actual friend; adoptive sister
Patty Nguyen: Mai and Quang-Ha's mom; owns a nail salon; Willow's 2nd adoptive mother
Jairo Hernandez: taxi driver; Willow's 2nd adoptive father
Jimmy Chance: Willow's adoptive father
Roberta Chance: Willow's adoptive mother
Quang Ha: Willow's adoptive brother
Henry; Helps Willow create her garden
Phil: Henry's cousin; also helps Willow with her garden
Lorenzo: works for Bakersfield Electric Company; Helps Willow with her garden
Judge Beiderman: Judge at Willow's trial.
Sadhu Kumar: rents out an extra room to Dell while the Nguyen's live at his apartment
Lenore Cole: A worker for the Jamison County Children's Center
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