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Seattle Seahawks

No description

Morgan Massengill

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks
Organizational History
Organizational Structure
Chairman, Paul G Allen of Vulcan Inc.
No organzational flow chart available to public
Senior Executives
Player Personnel
Information Technology
Communications & Broadcasting
Suite Sales & Service
Community Outreach & Fan Development
Mission Statement
Coaching Staff
Pete Carroll
Revenue & Accounting
Team Value: $1, 330 Million
Revenue 2013 Season: $288 Million
Revenue per Fan: $33
Operating Income: $27.3 Million
Player Expense: $156 Million
Marketing & Media
Major Sponsors
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Seattle Bank
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Curt Menefee
Seahawks All-Access
Seahawks Press Pass
Media Guide Archives
EA Sports
Richard Sherman
Derrick Coleman
Russell Wilson
Issues Facing the Organization
Domestic Violence
Pass the Peace
Outreach, Community, & Youth Development
Derrick Coleman
1st deaf Super Bowl champion
Partner with Starkey Hearing Technologies
Invested with Russell
Every touchdown pass and run = $3,000 to youth activites for communities in need
2013 Season; $63,000
United Way "Hometown Huddle" - Cascade Middle School
Volunteered with renovation of youth center
Paul Allen pledges $100 Million to tackle Ebola
Seahawks opened their indoor practice facility to local high school recovering from a school shooting
Starkey hearing technologies; seattle seahawk and super bowl champion derrick coleman becomes starkey hearing technologies hearing ambassador. (2014). Journal of Engineering, , 1351. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/1511936641?accountid=9858
Wasley, P. (2006). Texas A&M U. and seattle seahawks settle over slogan. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 52(37), 0-A26. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/214663909?accountid=9858
Multipurpose Facility: NFL, MLS, Concerts
CenturyLink Field Event Center
Seating Capacity: 72,000
Amenities: Accessible

-11 elevators
-63 wheelchair- accessible restrooms
-1,400 seats for people disabilities and their companions
-Parking: 3,100 parking lots, 8,400 surrounding
lots, 15,000 downtown
-CenturyLink Field: 360 million
-Exhibition Center: 70 million

Fianancing :
-Public: 300million
-Cost to owner, Paul G allen 130 million plus cost overruns

Proactively identify and develop long standing policies, programs, and initiatives to reduce energy and resource consuption
Herman Sarkowsky
Ned Skinner II
Lloyd W. Nordstrom
August 1, 1976
March 26, 2000
Kingdome Demolition
The Seahawks organization is guided by overall principles of acceptance and understanding that help us create a culture of respect, equality and inclusiveness both on and off the field.
It is our goal to use these core principles and our commitment to passion, character and excellence to empower change within our community.
We, as an organization and as individuals, represent and respect a wide range of human differences, personal experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Corporate Partnerships
Digital Media
Gameday Production
Food Services
Box Office & Ticket Sales
Retail Operations
Football Support Staff
Ticket prices increase $12 for 2014 season
Gate Receipts: $54 Million

Offensive Coaching Staff
11 Different Coaches all specializing
in different offensive positions
Defensive Coaching Staff
7 different coaches all specializing
in different defensive areas
Executive VP of Football
Operations & Head Coach
: University of the Pacific
years experience
Named Head Coach:
Special Teams & Strength Coaching Staff

6 Different coaches specializing in different areas of strength
12th Man
Seahawks Trivia
How many Super Bowl appearances have the Seahawks made?
2 (2005 &2013)
Which player was the first Seahawk inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Steve Largent
In what year did the Seahawks retire the No. 12 for the "12th Man"?
Which team did the Seahawks beat for their first franchise win?
Tampa Bay
No. 12 retired in 1984 in honor of the Seahawk Fans
"The 12th Man has an unparalleled impact on game days." - Pete Carroll
No. 12 flag raised before ever home game since 2003
Agreement with Texas A&M over "12th Man" slogan
Seahawks pay licensing fee to use slogan
Acknolwdge Texas A&M ownership

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