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Steven Dampier

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Combs

La'mara Drew
Partnership working
we work with the community to enable people with disability have the same opportunity as people aren't disabled. So by working with the community we build relationship with the community organization and public service agencies. we strive for people who decide to use our service to feel empowered and that they will have trust in us, thus hopefully making them feel comfortable enough to speak about their abuse and by doing this their families, friends, informal carers and service are able to monitor and help.
Decision making processes and forums
At Combs Trust we making sure when are making decision it is clear and easy to understand, so no one is confuse and this making it less likely that people view will cause some form of abuse, doing month meeting with our clients (forums) this encourages the idea of sharing idea which is another way the individual will gain confident to speak out for themselves
Combs trust is an organization that was put in place to help people with a disability in the workplace and help to reduce the risk of abuse. we cover all kind of disability
Our organization name is Combs and we specialize in people who have learning disability we try to help reduce the risk of abuse in the work place, but we still try and help other disabled people in the best way we can by try to help them with referrals and getting in contact with the correct people
Multi-agencies working
There are different agencies involved with our organization, which would include families, specialists etc. the reason that we work in a partnership with families is because they are a part of the individuals life and they need to have an understanding what is going on and how they can help us and the individual. We also work with specialist such as mencap, National Autistic society, Down’s syndrome association, disability Law service etc. The reason why we work with so many different specialist is because we are trying to enable that every individual is cared for in best possible way.
Working in partnership with adults using services, families and informal carers.
Combs we try to enable great communication with the people who you our service and we also enable great information sharing, this usually happen in different types of ways such as Staff meeting, emails, written record such as log books. As we work different shift it is important for daily log as it shows staff who just started shift what has happened . An example this so we know what has happen with a person using our service such as a change in their behavior we would be able to know what to speak to them about, if they don't one anyone touching them this could be because someone has touched them in away the didn't like.
Staff training and inductions
Role of Care Quality Commission
All the staff at Combs are trained, there is a very clear outline of the behavior that is expected from all the staff and professional, this help the individual understand what is acceptable behavior or not acceptable behavior from our staff. We are always giving our staff training when there are new policies and procedures put in place so everyone is able to understand new requirement. When we get new staff they need induction period while this is happening they are learning the policies and procedures this gives the basic the need for future improvement and expectation for their behavior.
There role is to make sure organizations are working at the best interest of the individuals, they also ensure they are following rules and regulation which apply to their organization . they are also responsible for providing protect to those detained under the mental health act. Comb Trust ensure that they follow the rules and regulation of the care quality commission to the best of our ability.
Combs Trust
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