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Brian Acevedo

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of hiiiiii

Fast Food
Contains large amounts of fat that can make you gain both weight and fat.
Ingredients that can harm you that can cause illnesses and diseases.
They may have a bad history like the animal might of used steroids or hormones (GMO)
What it Contains
Exercise or burn off the the calories or fat that you have gained as much as you can.
AVOID fast food restaurants and focus on fruits and/or vegetables.
Mange your weight and see when and when not is it a good time to have junk food from anywhere.
How to stay healthy after eating these things.
In order to stay healthy, you must:
Exercise daily
Fruits And Vegetables
Take vitamins
Gain protein
Steady eating schedule
Drink water
In order to eat and stay healthy, you must:
Exercise daily
Eat healthy foods
Eat fruits and healthy snacks
Create healthy eating patterns
Gain proteins, take vitamins
Healthy choices
Food Diet
Some Foods may have been contaminated or may be too unhealthy.
Various amounts of food may be safe or can cause risks.
Some may have tons of calories which is very unhealthy.
Food can either support your body or harm it in various ways.
If it has less than 200 calories it's healthy to eat daily or weekly.
If the food is produced from any company it may be very healthy to consume.
Don't consume too much food or it'll cause some risks in your stomach.
Make sure you should at least eat 2000 calories of food daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Facts about foods
What Not To Eat
How To Stay Healthy
Mass Production Of Junk Food
Things to Avoid
What To Do
In order to stay healthy, don't:
Eat unhealthy foods
Eat lots of fast food
Drink unhealthy liquids daily
Sleep for more than 8 hours
Overuse vitamins
You should eat non-genetically modified foods.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily.
Drink a lot of water instead of soda everyday.
Get plenty of sleep every night.
Exercise at least an hour per day.
Watch less TV and get active everyday.
Get some fresh air and go outside and have fun instead of staying indoors.
Several ways to avoid Obesity
Refrigerate the food in order to avoid food poisoning.
Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night .
Don't drink polluted water if you don't want to have infections.
Eat food that isn't contaminated with chemicals.

If it contains more than 200 calories you shouldn't eat it.
You shouldn't eat more calories than you burn
You shouldn't eat fast rood restaurants for example Big Mac is 540 calories and the burger king's Whopper is 670 calories. ONE meal can easily be up to 1,5OO calories when you should only eat 1,800 to maintain the weight you have.
Healthy Diets
Ways to Stay Healthy
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