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Richard Heinkten

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

Minecraft By: Ryan Park and Maddy Suarez Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Markus "Notch" Persson. That means you have the freedom to do anything you want. You're in an open world with endless choices and possibilities to enjoy yourself. There are 3 different dimensions in the Minecraft world. The Overworld, Nether, and End....... The crafting table is the basis of all structure in Minecraft. It allows you to make
"craft" different materials for you to work with.
The bottom picture is the crafting space. On the left
side there are 9 squares, you put your materials
necessary for the item there (each item have a different crafting recipe). In the middle, there is an arrow that
points you to 1 square. The square is where your item
will show up. The Minecraft overworld is the spawn point when
you start Minecraft. It consists of different biomes, water, and have many life forms within this dimension. The overworld is the only dimension containing passive mobs. A mob is a living entity that is afflicted by its environments just as the player itself. There are 2 main types of mobs, passive and hostile. Passive mobs will not and can not harm the player. Hostile mobs can harm the player. Most hostile mobs will attack the player within a range of 10 blocks. However, some mobs are neutral and will only be provoked by certain movements of the player. Mining is crucial in Minecraft. There are different types of ores in certain realms. The overworld consists more ores than any other realm. Ores are used in many different crafting recipes and also for decorations. Redstone can be used for wiring up pistons and etc. Emeralds can be used to trade with villagers. Lapis can be used to dye wool. Every ore have its own purpose. The Minecraft Nether is created mostly with netherrack. The atmosphere is very red and you'll be able to notice blotches of light across the realm. Glowstone is a lighting block used to light up dark areas. There are only hostile mobs within the Nether. Some mobs include ghasts, blaze, wither skeletons and zombie pigmen. Most Nether mobs aren't inflicted by lava or fire . Some ores in the Nether include quartzite and glowstone. Ghast Glowstone Whenever you kill a mob, they'll drop xp (experience points). Collected
xp will progress you through
levels that will determine the
limit of your enchantments. XP Orbs Creeper Crafting Table An enchantment table is used to upgrade "enchant" your tools. An enchantment table must be surrounded with bookcases in order for it to work. There are different levels of enchantments, 1 being the least, and 30 being the greatest. The limit of your enchantment is based on the number of bookcases that are surrounding it. For example, if there are 20 books surrounding the table, level 20 enchantments will be the maximum enchantments you'll get. You'll also be required a certain level to do an enchantment. For example, if you're level 5, you can only do level 5 enchantments.
Once you spend your levels on an enchantment, you won't be retrieving your levels back. You can't choose your own enchantments, it all depends on your luck. Once you enchant a tool, the tool will glow in a bluish color. Enchantment
Table recipe Enchantment
Room Minecraft Trailer Brief idea about what
Minecraft is like. In order to travel to the Nether, you must make a nether portal first. How you make a Nether Portal is by placing obsidian on a 3x4 rectangle and lighting it on fire. Nether Portal A stronghold is a special area where you can find by throwing eye of
enders. It will lead you to the path of the stronghold. The stronghold is where you can find the End Portal.
Inside a stronghold, there are libraries, many mobs, and a silverfish spawner. The End Portal will be above a pool of lava. There will be 12 end portal frames which you'll need to fill in with an eye of ender. Once you've activated the portal, you can jump in to the End. Stronghold Library Unactivated
End Portal Activated
End Portal Activating the End Portal The End is the last dimension in Minecraft.
The End is dark and only 2 mobs inhabitat
this area, Endermen and the Ender Dragon. The End is made of endstone. When you first enter the End, you'll notice tall obsidian pillars. You must destroy the pillars before you begin your fight with the ender dragon. Endstone The Ender Dragon is different from many other mobs, it have much more health and power than the rest of the mobs. The Ender Dragon is considered as a final boss of Minecraft. You can only kill him once. The Ender Dragon will constantly be healed by obsidian pillars that will immediately heal it when its damaged. So you must destroy the pillars first before beginning your fight with the dragon. Once killed, the Ender Dragon will explode and spawn a portal that will send you back to the overworld. You'll also get something called a dragon egg that proves you've killed the Ender Dragon. Once killing the Ender Dragon, credits will roll which you may chose to skip. So, that is all the Minecraft dimensions. The Minecraft multiplayer has a lot to offer. In order to join a multiplayer game you must type in the ip adress. The ip is like the password for the server. Once you're on, you can work together to create structures, fight and just hang out. There are different versions of Minecraft.
The 1st playable version of Minecraft was
the Minecraft 2K. In that version, all you
could do was destroy blocks. Mojang
started to come up with different versions
and updates of Minecraft. From the Alpha
to the 1.0 update. New stuff was added in
each update that made the game better and better....... Evolution
of Minecraft. That is the end of the
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