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No description

ikky jones

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of MAMEE

Founded in 1971
Unique brand of good quality and taste
Why they named it as “Mamee”?
1st product is Mamee Instant Noodles (Lucky) 1971 followed by Mamee Monster
Listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on 18 March 1992
Factory in Air Keroh ,Melaka and office in Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tagline : World of Good Taste
MAMEE has a presence in more than 30 countries where most of the markets are concentrated in Europe, Middle East, Africa and ASEAN region.

Organizational Chart
Awards and Certification
ISO 9001
ISO 9002
Halal Certified

Corporate level strategy
Formulated by CEO.
Organization may have several unit that are run by individual managers.
Those manager establish strategy for their own units
Related Diversification
Common market
Function served

Instant Nodles

Mamee Product




Instant Noodles
Mamee Express Cup
Mamee Bihun
Mie Goreng Indonesia
Mamee papper noodle
Mamee Cup Noodle
Mamee Oriental Noodle
Mamee Slurpp
Mamee Classic

Lite yo yogurt drink
Fruit Nation

Latest Product
Business Level Strategy
Low Cost Leadership
People attracted by low price
Focus on price sensitive consumer
Eg: Mamee instant noodle vs Maggi instant noodle

Distinguish the product by the tachnology used.
Eg : Mamee chef
"Mi Tarik" Technology -noodles more springy and tender.
Have some shrimps and some vegetables

Focus Strategy
Concentrates on a narrow segment of the market
Mamee focuses on consumers or buyer needs, wants and preferences.
Eg: Yogurt

1. Cheap/affordable/reasonable price
2. Following the current trend/fast innovations
3. Wide range of retailer
4. Advertising
5. Promoting

Caring for children - charity visit to the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Centre at Malacca, gives lots of goodies & Ang Pau
Festive seasons and New Year – Bring children of all races from the orphanage homes to buy new clothing, give pocket money
Scholarship Fund - Primary and secondary schools all over Malaysia
Elderly – Gives cash and instant noodles
“Bring cheers to the less fortunate” organized by Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-isteri Wakil Rakyat (“BISTARI)
Saving lives - pledged an initial RM2 million for a dialysis centre, give free dialysis treatment and medicines to 13 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients
Countries affected by natural disasters -Aceh
Mamee Fun Squad (Ad hoc) – Kuantan, help flood victims

Corporate Social Responsibilities

1. Product innovation
2. Place
3. Adaptation to locality
4. Diversification

1. Fast new product development
2. Flexible
3. Willing to explore
4. Own Research and Development (R&D) team

1. Target market
2. Lack of communication among department

1. CSR is the greatest value
2. Exporting brands

1. Rivals

• Mamee has to improve the communications among every department so that everyone in the company is aware on the product that they are producing.

• Instead of targeting on only the Malay, Mamee should diversify their target markets. It will result in variety of products that will suit the taste bud of Malaysians instead of the Malays only.

• It would be better if Mamee could produce products that represent every state in Malaysia. For example, Sarawak Laksa flavored instant noodles. By producing a suitable taste of products, it can gain more market shares.

• Mamee needs to increase on the numbers of healthy products besides only depending on Nutrigen and Lite Yo yogurt drinks because people nowadays are more health concern.

• The ambassadors of Mamee must be from various races instead of having only Malay ambassadors such as Zizan Razak, Shaheizy Sam and the stars of Akademi Fantasia.

• The highest recommendation would be a joint venture with Yakult Honsha Limited. .

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