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No description

Yvette Spencer-Dunn

on 24 September 2013

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Rape Prevention Education
The Perils of the Neoliberal Model
RPE delivers Rape prevtion education programmes to schools across the greater Auckland Area

They run four programmes BodySafe & Sex ‘n’ Respect, Sex ‘n’ Respect Parties, Sex ‘n’ Respect Alternative Education and Rangatahi & Sexual Health

Their aim is to prevent sexual violence through the delivery of education & health promotion/prevention activities.
Rape in NZ
Every 2 hours, someone is sexually assaulted in NZ

26.4% of NZ women have been assaulted by an intimate partner

1 in 3 girls & 1 in 6 boys are likely to be sexually assaulted before their 16th birthday

Women continue to be blamed for their assault
What the heck is the Neoliberal Model?!
Why is this a bad thing ? Seems kinda OK to me...
The idea that we are free and autonomous beings.

We become hyperrational subjects, in charge of our own state of being.

Citizenship is characterised in terms of entrepreneurial activity

Therefore we bear the full consequences of our actions, no matter how severe or how constraining.
Neoliberalism ignores overarching social structures that govern our lives

Ignores social context

Completely ignores issues around inequality!

Further perpetuates inequalities by place on those who do not meet the requirements for citizenship
Neoliberalism: Take 2
Rape Prevention Education in Schools
Focuses on changing individual behaviours that could be harmful.

Constructs agents as essentially equal

Success in school is situated in a student's pass or failure.

Those who do not succeed are said to have made bad choices.

Minimises the impact of culture on our understandings of rape
Rape Culture
A culture that condones the physical and sexual assault of women.

Constructs women's bodies are more rapeable.

Blame is often placed on the victim rather than her attacker through the use of rape myths.

Perpetuates gender roles that maintain the inequality between men and women.

Continues to perpetuate and maintain male dominance and privilege.

Where to go From Here
Provide information around more than just rape myths and safety.
Introduce ideas around gender roles, patriarchy and privilege.

Create a dialogue with kids: this allows kids to be citizens regardless of their pass or fail rates.

Acknowledge the impact of culture on our understandings of rape.
Adverts, rape jokes and the hyperssexualisaion of women all have an impact.

1)How do ideas of neoliberalism actively empower and disadvantage some groups.

2)How can neoliberalism shape our rape prevention education.

3)How could this be problematic in relation to rape culture.

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