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Copy of 02.06 Medieval Europe and Japan: Developing a National Identity.

No description

Alejandra Tosso

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 02.06 Medieval Europe and Japan: Developing a National Identity.

Alejandra R-Tosso
World History Magma Carta Chores Alright so, when it comes to chores I do my fair share. But of course my mum always wants me to do more or even do my brothers chores, when he is to "busy" playing video games.
Change: I would like my parents to just let me continue to do my fair share or work, and not make me do my brothers. Food Respect Oh gosh. So I respect you, yet I get nothing? No.
I would like my parents to treat me with as much respect as they treat each other and/ or my brothers. I'm the oldest yet sometimes they treat me as if I was the youngest. Giving my brothers higher authority.
Change: I want respect form my brothers and maybe a little bit more from my parents. Stress My family puts a lot of stress on my shoulders for a couple reasons, Like school and acting a certain way. Almost every time I communicate with my Dad its just about school and how I'm doing and what ill do after I finish High School and I just want to think about the present I have plenty of time to think about the future.
Change: Less talk about school and trying to change the way I am. Noise GEEZ. I try to be a good girl and go to bed a certain time, like maybe 9:30 or 10pm. BUT when I'm in my room trying get some shut eye ALL I can hear is my mom nagging at my brothers to get ready for bed or whatever.
Change: Less noise when I'm trying to sleep. Lending my Things I don't mind sharing, after all sharing is caring...Right? SO I let my mom use some of my make up or hair product. Then when I ask for it back she clams its hers. So we argue about it and she ends up giving to me as if doing me a favor.
Change: If I lend you something please return it and don't clam that its yours.
Privacy Privacy is very important to me, but right now I do not receive much of it. For example: I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend and instead of knocking on the door my mum just walks in.
So what I would like to happen is my mum knock before entering my bed room. The Magma Carta The Magma Carta has helped establish structure and equal rights among a community. So I am here to ask for the equal rights and organization in my home. So when my parents go for things at the store they always ask me if I would like something. Most of the time I want something sweet. So when they bring it home my brothers just eat it all and leave me with nothing.
Change: I would like my parents to tell my brothers to not eat all of what I ask for from the store.
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