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Silk Road Yesterday and Today

No description

Emma Lammey

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Silk Road Yesterday and Today

Silk Road Yesterday and Today
Samarkand (Central Asia)
Bactrain Camel/Horse- Used to travel long distances through long areas with many goods. Horses and camels were used in battles and for transportation. Both are still used today by many people in many other countries.
Silk was made in China. The rulers, emperors, and other famous people wore silk to show their power and riches. People also traded and sold silk for money to buy goods and food for their families. Today silk is still all around the world. People use silk to make sheets, clothing, and many more.
Printing was invented in China. The first printers were used by taking a piece of wood and carving the words, covering the wood in ink, then putting it on a piece of paper. Soon after that was invented the modern day printer was invented. The printer made life easier in many ways such as: having proof of things, writing letters, and transporting images and words. Today we use printers everyday.
Dunhuang-Magnetic Compass
The magnetic compass was invented in China. It made it possible for people to not get lost in the middle of nowhere. Soon after, people discovered a new way to make a compass. The magnetic compass made it possible for people to find new things.Today people still use the compass for orienteering, hiking, navigation, cars, and many more.
Stirrup-The stirrup was invented in China. Stirrups were used to steer horses. They were used in battles and horse sports. It was used in horse polo, horse-ranching, farming, and more.
The wheelbarrow was invented in China. The wheelbarrow made it easier for people to transport many things for a long distance. Not long after the wheelbarrow was invented, the wheelbarrow taxi was invented. People had jobs working as a wheelbarrow taxi man. The people would pay the man to transport them in the wheelbarrow.
Gunpowder was invented in China. Gunpowder was used for cannons, fire arrows, and also to blow up rocks to make roads and open areas. Gunpowder was used in many battles. Gunpowder was a great comeback for China and many other countries in wars. Gunpowder was used in guns to propel the bullet out of the gun. Gunpowder is still used wisely today by many people all over the world.
Paper-It was invented in China. Paper is used everyday today and even back then. Back then paper was expensive. Back then paper was very use full as it is today. People use it everyday in every way possible.
Lute-Invented in China. It was made for enjoyment by people all over the world. It is used in Chinese Orchestras. A very common instrument.
Wine- Imported into China. People drank wine for enjoyment and religious reasons. People still drink wine today.
Buddhism-Buddhism was influenced by other religions. It is widely known in China.Buddhism is a well known religion by countries all over the world. It entered China by the silk road.
Buddhist Architect- It is one of the reasons Buddhism is all around the world. There were many buildings made to symbolize Buddhism. Today, the buildings are still around. The building made much fame for their architect.
Gold was invented in China. Many things are made of gold including:Jewelry, money, clothing, and many more things. Gold showed the emperors and the more famous people's power through their riches and clothing. Gold could buy you almost anything which made life easier in many ways for poor people. Just one small piece of gold could change your life in many ways.
RAYY- Islam
Islam is a very strict religion. Islam was brought from other countries to China. Muslims are the main people in this group. They have religious practices everyday. People have made many churches and buildings for the muslims to live in. Muslims are anyone who submits themselves to god.
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