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Solar Energy

No description

kiersten barnes

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Solar Energy

What it is
How Solar Energy can get from the power plant to your home
It works similar to the way a basic earth-element electricity generator works. Except concentrated sunlight replaces fossil fuel.

The concentrated sunlight is converted into heat which makes steam. Then the steam spins the magnets against the copper to create waves that are called electricity.

How it works
One way to convert electricity from the sun is from photovoltaic (PV) cells. The amount of power that is produced by PV cells depends on how many there are together and how intense the sunlight is in the area the cells are placed
Solar electricity
by Kiersten barnes

Solar is a latin word that means sun.Therefore it is obvious that Solar energy is made from the sun which is then converted into electricity. Electricity is the flowing of electrons.
Therefore solar electricity
is a very good power source
for home. Even though there
are pros and cons, it has a
decrease in the problems that
regular earth electricity has.

- As long as the sun is alive we will always have acess to solar energy
More environment friendly
- Harnessing energy from the sun doesn't cause as much pollution
Available in all continents
- In Africa there isn't much reception, but since Africa is near the equator, they definitely have the potential to use solar electricity
- This is a very debatable subject. But in
2010 the solar production made 986
billion dollars
Exotic Materials
- The materials to produce the solar panels are expensive and rare
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