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Northern Health Quality Management System


David Price

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Northern Health Quality Management System

What is Patient Experience?
‘the sum of all
, shaped by an organisation’s
, that influence patient
across the
of care.’

(The Beryl Institute)
Picker Principles - Patient-Centred Care
Organisational Redesign & Performance Excellence
systems & processes to deliver value to the patient.

Provide the staff with the
skills & knowledge
to find and fix problems.

6 Major system redesign projects.

Risk Management Framework
You can help your department
achieve its objectives
improve its performance
by reporting and managing the risks you see.
The Risk Management Framework covers process for identification,
assessment, treatment
and monitoring of risks.


Clinical Audit
Audits highlight care that is
inconsistent with our policies
and give management information to make our systems better.
Audit is not complete unless
drives quality
and lead to
better patient outcomes
Ask your manager
about the
Master Audit
on the Intranet.

Our Vision:
Outstanding Health
care for our community

We want the highest quality safe
care for:

Every patient
Every day
Every time
when they are in

How will we achieve this and
how will we know?

EQuIPNational Standards
Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare
has set the Standards that guide all health care facilities in the provision of safe quality care.

This comprehensive assessment performance program known as
EQuIPNational Standards 1-15
articulates the minimum standard of health care to be provided at all times.

Each Standard has:

Clear Governance
Executive Director accountability & requirements to meet the Standard set out in Policy, procedure and guidelines
Engagement of passionate & dedicated

to show our progress against the Standards

Quality Improvement activities
that help us achieve excellent quality care when gaps are identified

that prevent us achieving excellence will be identified, recorded & actioned

results will be visible
on “Knowing how we are doing boards”

Our successes will be celebrated
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