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Manisha Tejwani

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of ROTANA HOTELS


Significance of goals in planning for expansion

Rotana's vision, values and expansion plan

Relating planning to our case

Essential for decision-making

No vision results in disastrous situations - Enron, World-com

Needs to be practical, credible and continuously updated
Rotana's Vision
“To be the Leading Hospitality Management Company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality and for its truly treasured experiences provided for guests, colleagues and owners.” (Rotana, 2011)
Qualities that transform a company's vision into reality

Hire, Train and Reward

Rotana - "L is for Long-term
I is for Innovation
F is for Friendly
E is for Ethical" (Rotana, 2011)

Expansion Plan
Goal - ‘To have a property located in every country in the region’ (Rotana, 2011)

Focus - Arab hospitality and diversity

Currently - MENA, SA & Europe

Under-development - Parts of UAE, KSA, Iraq, Beirut, Bahrain, Doha, Sudan, Morocco, Libya, Oman
Presented By:

Manisha Tejwani
Marwa Adeel
Mohd Zahid Mahraj Khan Omer Zai
Shivangi Mistry

Our opinion of Rotana’s stated

‘’ Rotana is a company offering the best of both worlds. A unique understanding of the culture and communities of the Middle East combined with the collective expertise of an executive team contributing over 35 years of international experience in the service industry.’’ ( official website, 2013)

Goal 1 - Selim El Zyr, CEO, increase the number of Rotana hotels across the Middle East to 100 over the next few years

Goal 2- Nasser Al Nowais, the Chairman also aims at having a property located in every city in the Middle East

Do they meet the characteristics of well written goals?

6 main characteristics –
Written in terms of outcomes rather than actions
Measurable and quantifiable
Clear as to a time frame
Challenging yet attainable
Written down
Communicated to all necessary organizational members

S M A R T goals
What is Planning?
Planning is the process of evaluating an organizations targets and forming a detailed, realistic plan of action for meeting those targets.

The planning process consists of :-
Setting up goals
Allocating resources
Creating target-related tasks
Prioritizing targets and tasks
Forming a contingency plan

What this case teaches about planning ?
Rotana’s Strategic Planning Process, 100 properties plan.
Expansion plan, over 26 cities now.
Long term planning and futuristic approach.
Planning makes the base for any organizational goals to be achieved.

Rotana, A glimpse…
Established in 1992 by Nasser Al Nowais and Selim El Zyr

First operating hotel was the Beach Rotana hotel in Abu dhabi

Nael Hashweh and Imad Elias later joined the partnership

Importance of Goals in planning
Planning is the most crucial function of a manager.

Involves outlining the goals & objectives for a purpose of direction in the future.

Goals are the targets that the company desires to achieve

Plans cannot be made without goal setting

Importance of goals in Rotana’s expansion plans
“The expansion plans will see Rotana managing around 14,000 rooms across its properties by the end of 2012, and Rotana also expects a 6% occupancy rate growth next year across its portfolio of hotels in the region when compared to 2011’s figures”.

As occupancy rates increase they can invest in furnishing of more rooms

Manufacturing existing products in the room

Train and hire more staff


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SWOT analysis for Rotana
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