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UX in Risk

No description

Eric Le Van Quyen

on 7 June 2012

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Transcript of UX in Risk

Fxo Project Design Timeline
April 1
April 2
April 15
May 19
June 10
Coaching en entreprise
Tranformation Digitale
Oftentimes, during design iterations our end users were internal RFS Projet Managers , or Financial Engineers
LBBW user testing round
CIC Presentation
We started off with an exisiting product design(J Risk),which we wanted to rethink

There was no formal user research document

The idea was to redesign JRisk 's UI, and user test it early on in the UX process, before hand-off to dev

For the new K+ UI project, most of the product concepts have not yet been user-validated

In particular , the Designer part of K+UI, allowing for creation of customized trader workspace, has not yet been user tested
New Uis in Flex
Thanks !
For Fxo, the protoypes produced quickly had a high resolution, which was too close to a final app look

The choice of type of deliverable was based on the need to communicate quickly internally, and during clients meetings, on the evolving design

"The challenges of a one-man UX team"
We visited CIC, LBBW and Deutsche Bank for FX traders design feedback

Actual customers were presented with the resulting Fxo prototype at CAB (Customer Advisory Board)

Traders sometimes mistook design Workshops for Tech pitches ..
UX design of an FXO trader application
Recap of how the project went
Key Findings in terms of UX work and process
How it ties into the New K+ Ui project
Excel was a natural input for these FX users
UX must adapt to actual spreasheet design models
The best design is often a simple form !
They have a limited time for design feedback
And not necessarily used to thinking about UX
You can often only work with them during off-market hours
FX Traders are tricky to design for !
An advice I heard many times: "Find someone nice in the Bank.. and never let them go ! "
Keyboard input is still largely favored
Ux must think of keyboard interaction design along usual UI work
Using real figures in mockups or prototypes mislead the conversations..
Traders would focus on the figures shown , and not the designs..
What is the scope of designing an FX trader app?
Who are our end users?
There were a series of client meetings where designs were shown
There was no formal user test in lab
Key UX user feedback came up
We created iterative designs
We mocked-up designs in Axure.
Showing actual interaction design was quickly required
Deutsche Bank user testing round
Initial Design
New K+ UI
The New K+ UI project has a totally different initial scope!

We have a FX Trader AND a Designer application

The Designer app allows specific users to set up Workspaces to be later used by Traders

We are now starting wireframing the Designer application
The overall UX process we use is as follows: Understand , Design and Test
We ideally iterate on portions of projects scope with that same process
K+UI Projet
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