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New Principal Entry Plan

No description

Danika Johnsky

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of New Principal Entry Plan

New Principal Entry Plan Designed to Improve an Underperforming School The School:
Lewis & Clark K-8
Located in a small city in the Northeast
Largest school in its district
About 700 students The Challenges:
Lack of collaboration & teamwork
Weak prior leadership
Few community partnerships
Little professional development
Unfamiliarity with new curriculum materials
Poor state standardized test results
Little ELL parent participation The Goals:
1) Build a foundation of school improvement by creating a culture of collaboration
2) Manage data & knowledge to inform decisions and measure progress of student, adult, and school performance
3) Actively engage the community to create shared responsibility for student performance and development Strategic Goal 1: Create a culture of collaboration
Loosely based on Standard # 4
Strategic Initiative: Create opportunities for collaboration & communication among teacher teams and support staff. Strategic Goal 2: Manage data & knowledge to inform decisions and measure progress of student, adult and school performance
Based on Standard # 5
Strategic Initiative: Make MCAS results transparent to entire school community Strategic Goal 3: Actively engage the community
Based on standard # 6
Strategic initiative: Engage ELL parents Key Constituents:
Outgoing principal
Staff members
Teacher union rep
PTO leaders
Student council members
ELL parents
Current and prospective community partners
School committee members Documents to be reviewed:
Interview Results
School Improvement Plan
Teacher Improvement Plans
Individual Education Plans
Teacher & Student Attendance Records
MCAS results
MEPA results Summary Findings:
Current school climate
Potential ELL parent liaisons identified
Teacher leaders & struggling teachers identified
How past improvement plan aligns with current vision of the school
Familiarity with students through IEP reviews
Patterns of absences
MCAS problem areas/ growth areas
ELL growth through MEPA results Questions:
What does a real entry plan consist of?
How many goals are realistic?
Are entry plans required of every new principal?
Are entry plans monitored by principal's supervisor?
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