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erica barbecho

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of TORNADOS

Tornadoes forms when presence of layers of air with contrasting characteristics of temperature, moisture, density, and wind flow. A tornado also has affection on cold front. A tornado is contact with the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or in rare cases a cumulus cloud. With a tornado it is mostly cold.It is a low pressure thats why it is cold.
You can measure it with a EF Scale. The original Fujita Scale ( F Scale ) was created by Dr Theodore Fujita. The reflectivity data, such as hook echoes or debris balls. The Fujita scales rates a tornado what the damage the tornado did. A mobile Doppler radar measures the wind speed in a tornado. Upper air maps,observed sounding analysis, sounding climatology, mesoanalysis graphics, high resolution rapid refresh, short-range ensemble forecast, short-range ensemble plumes, storm-scale ensemble of opportunit, fire weather composite maps, compmap are tools some scientists use to measure a tornado.
You might think that's not gong to happen where i live but it might happen, and you aren't prepare you can die or get really hurt. Its not something you shouldn't care about. A tornado is really important. Some safety thing you should know is find shelter under a sturdy table in the basement if you don't have a basement got to a first floor or a small interior room or a room on the opposite side form a tornado. Stay away form windows.
Fun Facts
Tornadoes comes in different shapes and sizes.
A tornado rotates cyclonically
Most tornadoes have wind speed less than 110 miles per hour
Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters
Not all tornadoes are visible
the US is mostly hit by tornadoes including Texas Kansas Oklahoma and Florida.

A tornado can destroyed building and trees. After everything is destroyed humans have to rebuild. A tornado also kills plants and animals very easily. When a tornado hits a tree it can fall and hit a person or house or an animal.
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