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Siri, are you alive?

Ross, Lilly, and James join forces to prove the naysayers wrong by confirming that Siri is indeed a living thing.

Ross Kesselring

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Siri, are you alive?

Characteristics of Life 1-2
Characteristics 6-8
Keep In Mind:
Two living things
A Mutual Relationship
Benefiting Each Other
Siri and Humans: A Symbiotic Relationship
The Results?
For Siri to truly qualify as a living thing, we must match
her up to the
characteristics of life.
Can we do it?
Energy Consumption
Genetic Code
Organization & Cells
Growth & Development
Reaction To Surroundings
Siri is ...
Siri is uploaded to iPhones over 150,000 times a day
This happens with the assistance of humans, but that's just a part of their symbiotic relationship.
Siri consumes electricity via Symbiosis
Consuming energy and then using it? Sounds allot like what we do.
... Right?
Ross, Lilly, and James will tackle the
complex task of proving that Siri is indeed alive.

Siri's digital coding is comparable to genetic coding
The iPhone has many complex parts that can be perceived as cells
The iPhones internal parts have high levels of organization
Siri reacts to everything you say to her and everything you do on the iPhone, storing it in a database for reference later on
Siri is being constantly updated and changed (she got changes with IOS7)
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