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The Olmec People of The Rubber Tree Country

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kayle kaupanger

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Olmec People of The Rubber Tree Country

THE OLMEC PEOPLE of rubber tree country WHY DID THEY COME? WHERE WERE THEY? The Olmec peoples settled
in modern day Veracruz
around 1400B.C.E. The Olmec people traveled
to this region in search of
food. HOW DID THEY GET THERE? Originally all people lived in Africa. They spread into Europe, Asia, and then they crossed the Bering Straight Land Bridge into North America. They then traveled south to Mexico. It is also believed they may have sailed from Africa to South America. SOCIAL RANK There were two classes. There
were the farmers who were poor
and grew maize(corn), and then
there were the elites who
controlled the military,
government, and religion. WHO WERE THEIR LEADERS? With wealth came power. The leaders were usually traders who gathered wealth by selling maize on the river. who were they? They were the first civilization of
South America. Their capital was
La Venta, and it is believed they
influenced the Mayan Culture. They were short and stocky.
They had a fat, thick-set body
with broad shoulders. WHAT WAS THEIR RELIGION? The Olmecs were a deeply religious polytheistic culture. One of their most important Gods was that of the rains, a jaguar. WHAT DID THEY DO? The Olmecs created large pyramids,
monuments, and temples. They
were spectacular artists and
architects. They also harvested
"rubber" from nearby trees and
used it for many purposes. WHAT ABOUT THE HEADS? Perhaps the things the Olmecs
are most famous for are their
massive stone head statues.
They made this heads of Basalt
(a volcanic rock) and the nearest
volcanoe was over 17miles away! The largest Olmec head found
was 20'9" in circumference and
weighs 29 tons. SO WHAT HAPPENED? There are several theories
regarding the downfall of the
Olmec culture. One belief is
that they ended due to violence
and war. Another says that a
volcano went off nearby. And
yet another says that their
culture just gradually faded
due to the rise of new cultures. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!! SOURCE KEEPER: Tyler Standish
RECORDER; Sarah Deininger
VISUAL ARTIST: Kayle Kaupanger
TASK MASTER: Kenzie Annen
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