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Greater Baltimore Urban League

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of SLP

SLP scholars are African American students grades 8–11, recruited by nonprofits, schools, and churches across Baltimore. Every corner of the city is represented in our 100-strong student body.
SLP is a monthly youth leadership development program presented through the lens of African American history. Our students start with breakfast and icebreakers, then participate in leadership development workshops that build and reinforce their self-awareness and soft skills.

Every month, they tour a college campus and meet a local or national role model who demonstrates the real-world power of education and leadership skills. On the weekends between sessions, we schedule optional field trips to culturally relevant museum exhibits and organize public service activities.
Saturday Leadership Program
Our Participants
Our Curriculum
A Citywide Collaboration
SLP is supported largely through collaboration and in-kind donations. Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake, Baltimore CARES, CollegeTown, Baltimore City Public Schools, and nine Baltimore colleges and universities graciously provide us with program resources and session space. A network of nonprofits, schools, and churches also helps us recruit potential applicants.

Collective efforts always lead to greater impact. By working together we can help Baltimore's African American youth on an unprecedented scale.
When we designed SLP, we wanted a system in place that would do more than just tell us how we did—we wanted the freedom to evaluate our results and fine-tune our approach while the program was still running. To make this happen, we examine SLP results and feedback on a monthly basis.

If we notice areas of inefficiency, we can implement alternative activities and gauge their impact at the next evaluation. Having nine evaluations rather than one allows us to dynamically improve what we do.
Thanks for exploring the Saturday Leadership Program. Be sure to check our website for regular updates about SLP and GBUL's other projects!

To volunteer or donate, visit www.gbul.org
Baltimore's college enrollment rate is decreasing,
and academic achievement gaps persist between African American students and their peers at all grade levels.
In 2012, African-Americans in Baltimore were twice as likely to be unemployed as their peers.
Having a degree reduced that likelihood by half.
Dynamic Evaluation Means a Flexible Program
Social and personal stresses disengage students from school,
leaving them disinterested in education and unaware of their potential.
The Greater Baltimore Urban League has developed a program that
builds within students a foundation of leadership qualities and aspirations.
The socio-economic ramifications of this achievement gap are enormous.
Fortunately, research tells us that workshops that encourage and inform students are effective long-term solutions for achievement gaps.
To prepare students for higher education and professional success,
The Greater Baltimore Urban League's
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