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Performance Management System

No description

Jouissance-Nicole Cayas

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Performance Management System

Performance Management Systems

Fab 5
Jouissance-Nicole Cayas
Alyssa Cunanan
Vanessa Gosula
Leatha Medina
Ashley Rose
Executive Summary
Performance management systems vary with every company.

Under the best situations, performance management systems can maximize productivity and morale within the company.

Go into detail of what the ideal performance management system could look like.
The Problem
Organization's performance management system hinders and demotivates employees
Evaluations only occurs once a year, if any at all.
Unclear goals
No on-going dialogue
The Catalyst
The Results
Opportunities may include cultural shift, reinforcing values, trust building, open communication, "tribal" mentality, & direct lines of contributions to the over all goal
Taking on such changes as an organization is not only by the evaluation system. Incorporating day-to-day changes in management is necessary
These changes can positively affect the company morale and productivity if handled in the right way.
Trust is key in making such changes to the organization which may be difficult if the trust has been eradicated by past experience

Set goals, objectives, for the individual and the company as a whole.
Set a timeline in which goals must be met
Teach management team on coaching skills
Create opportunities for open dialogue on an ongoing basis for feedback
Modify goals as needed
Allow for learning opportunities
Company Philosophy
Vision & Values
Learning Moments

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