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No description

Deasy Juwita

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Dramatism

Kenneth Burke Kenneth Duva Burke
(May 5, 1897 – November 19, 1993) Graduated from Peabody High school

Attended Ohio State University
(1 semester)

Columbia University, Dropped out Introduction life=drama? 1. drama indicates a grand sweep

2. drama tends to follow recognizable types or genre

3. drama is always adressed to an audience Assumptions
of Dramatism Humans are animals who use symbols Language and symbols form a critically important system for humans Humans are choice makers Dramatism as
New Rhetoric Identification and Substance Substance : the general nature of something Identification : when two people have overlap in their substances Division : when two people fail to overlap in their substances Consubstantiation: when appeals are made to increase overlap between people The Process of Guilt and Redemption Guilt: term for tension, anxiety, embarrassment, shame, disgust, and other noxious feeling intrinsic to the human condition (Griffin) Guilt
Cycle a ranking that exists in the society primarily because of our ability to use language rejecting one’s place in the social order; exhibiting resistance the way we attempt to purge guilt we feel as part of being human
* mortification : one method of purging guilt, by blaming ourselves
* scapegoat: one method of purging guilt, by blaming others a rejection of the unclean and a return to a new order after guilt has been temporarily purged. Order or
hierarchy : The negative : Rejection : Victimage : Act :
that which is done by a person Scene :
the context surrounding the act Agent :
the person performing the act Agency :
the means used to perform the act Purpose :
the goal the agent had for the act, why the act was done Attitude :
the manner in which the agent position himself/herself in relation to others The
Pentad Dramatistic ratios: the proportions of one element of the pentad relative to the other Critique scope: too wide in scope Heurism: very succesful as regarded by critics Parsimony: seen by many as too complex and confusing Utility: extensions and modification are suggested for improving the theory DRAMATISM of Kenneth Burke By:
Karina Leviani 04120110069
Deasy Juwita 04120110075 THANKYOU
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