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Creating a Dystopia

No description

Mount High

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Dystopia

Creating a Dystopia
Dystopian societies start off as a utopia. Then, the community undergoes a catastrophic event, like an apocalypse.
Jessica Toy
Elizabeth Hampton
Jessie Fauconier
Spencer Read

Pd C
Dystopian Literature
Dystopia is a fictional place in which everything is unpleasant or bad and the people are in a state of human misery. Dystopian literature is a genre based off of the opposite of a utopian society. A society once perfect but has been degraded to a lower standing.
How are Dystopian Societies
created or formed?
What does a Dystopian society look like?
How is a Dystopia good?
Why is government so important in Dystopian societies?
Examples of Dystopian societies
How does the environment shape what the society members believe?
Citations (APA)
Depending on the amount of destruction
effects how much hope the citizens have on lost in the world. They await doom. In 'The Walking Dead' some characters give up hope in a cure so they decide to end their lives.
The dystopian literatures are always favored by teenagers and young adults. This is because they can empathize with the protagonist of the story who fights against the extreme odds of the dystopian society.
Don't forget that the dystopia is based on your point of view. If you are the ruler and is controlling everything, you are quite happy with the results of the future.
Dystopias can also reveal the problems of the civilization so that the protagonist is able to end the conflict and reboot the society back onto the path that heads to a utopia.
How is a Dystopia bad?
The dystopian societies are entangled with
bleak saddness and misery.
The characters in the story are usually oppressed by authoritative figures, and are forced to live in a world downgraded by their own human actions.
Most of the dystopian settings occur after wars or conflicts that continue to affect their citizens because the problem remained unsolved. Thus causes the whole plot to take place in the dystopian world.
Also, whatever happened to the area would physically change the setting of where they live. Some would have to relocate, others would have to adapt to what they have.
Does the impact of a Dystopia mean the society is doomed?
The impact that Dystopia would have on the society is that it would create a traumatic event that would lead to total chaos and anarchy, and an even harder life.
Then, yes, this in turn would cause the society to be doomed. Depending on how catastrophic the damage was, then the lives of the citizens would be affected too. For example, if a tsunami hit an area of Earth, the water would wipe out most of the population and the rest of civilization would have to adapt to life without those important people and would have to rely of water for survival. This would continue until the community can revive itself and return to their previous lives.
Would you survive?
A dystopian society, in worst-case scenario, is dreary and dark. Buildings are destroyed and the people live in degraded environments and homes.
The government is important in a dystopian society because it is the root of the conflict and oppression. The authority limits the citizens of their freedom and natural rights.
The Walking Dead
Geezmarie. "Dystopian Fiction: The Maze Runner by James
Frances Twiddy.
N.p., 2 May 2012. Web. 30 Sept.
2013. <http://www.francestwiddy.co.uk/blog/dystopian-fiction-the-maze-runner-by-james-dashner/>.
This picture was used for the bleak dystopian picture in slide #4.

"Utopia vs Dystopia."
Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums (SSLF)
N.p., 17 Aug.
2012. Web. 30 Sept. 2013. <http://forums.saber-scorpion.com/index.php?showtopic=9292>. Used for the tree comparison in slide #3.
'The Walking Dead' is a TV show takes place in a post-apocalyptic society of anarchy. there are no rules established and the people live in desperation.
'WALL-E' is a movie also based in a post-apocalyptic society.The conditions of Earth are so bad that the people had to abandon the planet.
The Host
'The Host' is a book that is set when aliens invade
earth and take over human bodies. The free
citizens are forced to live in hiding and harsh
conditions so they are not found and killed.
However, some society members believe there
is a way to change the dystopia into a peaceful
environment. These people do not let their
hope die. In 'The Hunger Games,' Katniss
decides to stand up for the people living
in fear and despair.
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