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Kilauea Volcano

No description

Lins Hill

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano By: Linsey Hill Located Eruptions Magma When did Kilauea form? Kilauea is located on the southern part of the island Hawaii that is known as the big island. It's precise location is 19°24′26″N 155°17′00″W. Kilauea was created as the Pacific tectonic plate moved over the Hawaiian hotspot. Kilauea is the youngest volcano and the most active Hawaiian shield volcano. First recorded eruption was 1823. The first eruption was around 300-600 years ago. There has been 61 eruptions since it formed. Hawaii's magma is recorded to be much different from the other volcanoes magma. Kilauea magma has less dissolved gasses, silica and ferrous oxide. This lava turns into basalt and is like liquid. Magma is molten rock which can be found in certain places under the Earth's surface. Magma that is erupted onto the Earth's surface is called lava. No one knows the exact calculation of when this volcano was formed, but scientist estimate around 300,000-600,000 years ago. Kilauea is located near the pacific plate away from any other plate boundaries. Meaning!!! The meaning of Kilauea is spewing or much spreading. That fits this volcano a lot because this is a active volcano. Cool facts! The volcanoes circumference is 8 miles.
It is surrounded by a wall of volcanic rocks 200-500 feet.
This is a active volcano and isn't a dormant volcano.
During volcano eruptions lightning storms are very common.
There are 600 active volcanoes on the earth today.
Magma comes from the Greek name dough. Causes and effects! A lava flow in 1990 caused destruction damage to Puna, Kalapana and Kaimu. The things that probably got damaged/hurt are houses/buildings , ecosystems and animals. Extra! This is Hawaii's flag looks alot like the USA's dosen't it. Whats a shield volcano? Shield volcanoes are broad, domed volcano with gently sloping sides. This is Kilauea exploding! This is Kilauea's lava/magma. This is Kilauea exploding and then the lava spreading! Now for a short video Quiz!
What is the volcanoe's name?
The volcano is located near the..........plate?
What is the meaning of the volcanoe's name?
What are the names of the volcanoe's on Mount Kilauea?
What is the volcanoe's circumference in miles?
What are the cause of this volcano? Take out your paper and pencil and take notes. There will be a quiz! So be quiet and listen carefully.
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