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Frankenstein Sociogram

Red type indicate the characters who have died. Red arrows indicate a bad or troubling relationship between characters throughout the story.

Phillip Cross

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein Sociogram

Victor Frankenstein Main Character
Creates Monster
Obsessed in Work Professor Krempe Mocks Victor's studies Gives him books (Natural Philosophy) Victor's Professor Professor Waldman Victor's Professor Victor's favorite teacher Teaches Chemistry Teach at same school Victor's Family Elizabeth Alphonse Frankenstein Beaufort Caroline Beaufort Frankestein Victor's Best Friend Killed by Monster Adopted Sister
Blonde, Angelic
Marries Victor
Killed by Monster Justine Moritz William Victor's Brother
Killed by Monster Father of Victor, William, & Elizabeth Died from grief Alphonse's best friend
Father of Caroline Confesses to Williams murder
Executed Scarlet fever
Mother of Victor, William, & Elizabeth M. Kirwin Judge
Eventually believe's Victor's innocent Framed for Henry's murder Asks him to kill monster if he dies Robert Walton Befriends Victor
Captain of ship Sister Margarete Saville Henry Clerval Letters are to her Creator The Monster Wants revenge on Victor
Kills Victor's loved ones Family he watches/cottagers Agatha Felix Safie The "Turk" M. De Lacey Cottagers Does house work
Daughter of M. De Lacey & Sister of Felix Does Labor
Loves Safie
Son of M. De Lacey & Brother of Agatha Adopted by the De Lacey family
Daughter of Turkish merchant Promises Felix his daughter Blind
Father of Agatha & Felix Frankenstein Sociogram
Phil Cross Family
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