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No description

Paula Wolter

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Libya

By: Josue Dollar Libya hemisphere Special place Traditional Sports Flag The name of Libya dollars are called Libyan Dinar. One USA dollars in Libya it is 1.34 Libyan dinar. In Libya there are desert and planes. People have a hard time of living there. Libya's hemisphere is north and eastern hemisphere. In Libya bikku bitti is a special place. In Libya they love sports some sports are soccer, basketball,and softball. Libya's flag is All green the color green is the symbol of loyalty. Land Size of Libya 679,362 square miles Capital Libya's Capital is Tripoli and a lot of people live there. Temperature and rainfall Summer temperature 115 degrees, winter temperature at average is 52 degrees.Libya gets a little rain. Wild life Some animals are foxes, guinea pigs, and chameleons some plants are henna plants and date palms. Tripoli Tribes Some Tribes in Libya are Berber, Bedouin, and Tuareg. Religions In Libya their Religion is Islam and sometime Judaism. Population Libya's Population 5,49,074 Money In Libya oil selling is good for money. Language Festivals School Customs In Libya they greet people by saying Aalaamu alaikum this means peace be with you Waalaikum salam means and peace be with you. In Libya there language is Arabic People Authority day is a festival in Libya the day is march 2 Homes Most people live in the city some people live in straw and stick houses In Libya the kids start elementary school at six years old.. One thing the same is that they have to do school like us. Foods Shurba is a special food is a spicy soup made of lamb,onions, tomatoes, lemon,pepper,oil,and cinnamon Traditional dress Men in Libya traditionally wear a long, white robe over a shirt . Some men wear a white or black Muslim hat. Traditional crafts a wooden marriage chests, copper pots, gold and sliver jewelry. Traditional dance Malouf is a traditional dance it is in weddings Traditional music Nay is a kind of flute gheeta is similar to a clarinet
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