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Crime Scene Evidence- Finger Pane Case

No description

Sean Wigley

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Crime Scene Evidence- Finger Pane Case

The Finger Print
Finger print on skin was treated with Amedo Black that enhanced the print.
The print was not clear so it was sent to the FBI where it was scanned digitally.
The problem was the texture of the victim's skin interfered with the pattern of the finger print.
Computer software was used to separate the patterns to leave the print.
Now they needed a suspect to match the print to....
One of the investigators saw a small white car with the partial plate number of C41 and a 30 year old Hispanic man named Jose Castillone was the driver.
Double Murder in Texas
Another prostitute from the area said that she had been abducted three days before and taken to that same location.
She described the assailant as Hispanic in early 30's. He had a tattoo of a knife on his forearm.
He drove a white car with a partial license plate of C41
He tried to gag her with a white wash cloth and she kept the washcloth when she escaped.
On May 18, 2001, the bodies of two young women, Cammy Lynn Keleman, 31, and Dana Denise Feazell, 32, were found in a remote area of east Texas by mosquito control staff. The nude bodies were 25 ft apart. Cammy had died from a knife wound to the neck and Dana had died from "multiple means".

The Crime
The Scene
Houston Chronicle, http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Slayings-of-two-women-leave-police-puzzled-2033908.php
Forensic Files TV Show, channel 502, aired November 2008.
Besides the bodies of the two women, investigators also found:
two white wash cloths that were used to gag the victims
shattered glass embedded in one of the victim's legs
beer cans (Looked new)
a blood smear on Cammy's thigh that contained a finger print
tire impression in incredibly good condition
The Tire Print
Casts of the print were made. Because the print was so clear, investigators were able to identify the manufacturer of the tires and they were identified as snow tires
Police worked with manufacturer learning the tires were sold in Colorado.
Investigators were able to identify the manufacturer because the print was so clear and the word "COMMANDER" was visible.
He had a tattoo of a dagger on his forearm
He had recently moved from Colorado and had snow tires on his car that matched the tire casts from the crime scene.
The back window of his white car was broken. The investigators took a sample of the glass and compared the "refractive quality" of the glass with the sample taken from one of the victim's legs. The samples matched.
The finger print found on the victim's leg matched the middle finger on the suspect's right hand.
Castillone worked at a medical facility that used the same brand of white washcloth that was found at the murder scene and kept by the woman that escaped.
The Charges
Jose Castillo was charged with the kidnapping and assault of the woman who escaped and capital murder for the murders of Cammy Kelemen and Dana Fezel. Castillo pleaded guilty in order to avoid the death penalty in Texas. He was found guilty and must serve a mandatory 70 years.

He will be 103 when he is eligible for parole.
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