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Los Angeles Lakers

No description

Harajay Kalra

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Los Angeles Lakers

In the end the Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in any sport in North America. All in all the Lakers revenue is approximately 197 million dollars but the team has made 214 million dollars in one season.
Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers are one of the
many professional sports
teams in the state and
are said to have one of
the best teams in a
product and business view

Roster and Salaries
The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the best teams in the league over decades and have retooled years after year. This means they spend more money then other teams in the NBA.
The Lakers Coach is Mike D'Antoni. He signed a 3 year 12 million dollar contract in October 2012. He has an average salary of 4 million dollars
Scouts in today get payed various salaries. A scout that has just started can be played $75,000 and a head scout can be payed $475,000.
Staples Center
Staples Center is one of the most popular stadiums and venues in LA. The average stadium price is $93.25., and there are 18,997 seats, in every sold out home game they can make $2,279,640, and in one season can make, $93,465,240 if they sell out every game.
Lakers are going to spend approximately 81 million dollars this year
Fun Fact
The Lakers are just one of the four professional franchises that use the Staples Center for their games. It is the home of the Kings (NHL), Clippers (NBA), the Sparks (WNBA) and the Lakers (NBA)
How do the Lakers Make Money
Sports franchises make money in many ways, the Lakers make more than some. There are many reasons to why the Lakers are number two in all NBA in team worth estimated at 1000 million dollars only 100 million away from the Ney York Knickerbockers aka the Knicks.
The Lakers have a lot of sponsors but thay have 6 major sponsors.
Star Power
Mills said the team’s brand is boosted by the star-studded city, where Lakers seats, frequented by celebrities such as actor Jack Nicholson and billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, have become a status symbol. The cheapest seats in Staples Center sell for $10 a game, while the priciest courtside tickets are $2,850, according to the team.
Shaquille O’Neal, who won titles alongside Bryant from 2000 to 2002, and Johnson each said the buzz and star power around this year’s Lakers rivals his time wearing purple and gold.
In O’Neal’s words: “L.A. is the basketball Mecca of the world.”
TV Contracts
Los Angeles residents will satisfy that curiosity on Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Spanish-language Deportes, launched this year. Time Warner paid $3 billion over 20 years for the team’s rights, according to the Los Angeles Times, and will carry 70 Lakers games this season.
Jersey Sales
The Lakers also make money in Jersey Sales. The Lakers are the second highest-selling team this offseason behind the Heat, according to online merchandise retailer Fanatics.com, which doesn’t release specific figures.
In the Staples Center, during games Laskers get part of the revenue generated by the concession stores in the arena
How The Lakers Can Lose Money
The Lakers are in agreat situation right now but there are many reasons why in the future they can be non-contenders because of their money.
Poor Management
Any sports team can suffer a big hit in money and profit if they do not have a good management that makes good decisions. The lakers decisions are made by there General Manager also known as their GM Mitch Kapchack
Lock Out
In 2012 the NBA suffered their 4th lockout in the last 17 years and the 4th of all time. Because of this teams lost a lot of money but luckily got it back because of the shortened seasons.
Los Angeles is a proud sports city but when a team is losing they are given the blind eye and can be forgotten.
Because LA is the only city in the NBA to have two teams ad if the Lakers have back to back losing seasons the fans may look elsewhere, the Clippers.
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