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Fashion Through the Ages

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Allison Chambers

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of Fashion Through the Ages

Fashion Through the Ages
Fashion Trends of the Daunting 70's
The Changing and Recycling of Fashion
Fashion Tends of the Revolutionary 80's
Fashion Trends of the Flavourful 90's
Today's Fashion Trends
We Came From
Many of us now would look back to the fashion in the 70's and laugh, but at the time it was considered stylish and fashionable. The era of hippies and disco continue their influence with fabrics to the clothes being worn. The clothes that were popular then, are vintage pieces even today.
Saturday Night Fever (featuring John Travolta) was an extremely popular movie during this decade. This movie thoroughly altered and reshaped all of pop culture for the 70's. Of which included the music and film industries, dress codes, and even hairstyles. Fans of this film tried to emulate the spirit by wearing bell-bottom pants, polyester; gold chains, platform shoes and imposing hairstyles. Some alleged reports have said that people have worn John Travolta's iconic white suit to prom, and other social gatherings.
The media and technology has advanced since then. If a movie like this were to come out today with all the similar attributes Saturday Night Fever carried, it wouldn't have such an impact as it did 45 years ago. People would react differently.
Saturday Night Fever
Flower children distributed and wore floral themed decorations symbolizing universal belonging, peace, and love. This caught on and the media broadcast them through television and newspaper, referring them as "hippies".
Flower Child
And Went To
Madonna's Impact on 80's Fashion
For years human beings have been clothing themselves or paying someone to do it.From the Europeans, to the Americans, Asians etc, clothing became something of an art. Dresses, tunics, and frocks became common wear for the average woman but after World Wart II pantaloons was a fashion at first. Over a multitude of years the advancement of science technology made life easier for humankind,which included the makers of clothing. Things like dye being easier made, and with the addition of the sewing machine clothes were incredibly more accessible to people of all stages of the economic spectrum.
Fashion Trends
70's Fashion Trends
Fashion trends in the 90's

The 1990s saw a return to minimalist fashion, and the adoption of many new trends such as tattoos and body piercings. The laid back, casual chic look became very popular, which included t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and trainers. Several late 1980s fashions were still stylish among both sexes and many were incorporated into newer trends.

The popularity of grunge and alternative rock music influenced mainstream fashion, bringing in an unkempt grunge look which included flannel shirts, blue jeans, and dark colors like maroon, dark green, indigo, brown, white and black. Some of the grunge bands that influenced grunge fashion were The Melvins, Mudhoney, Green River, Soundgarden, Malfunkshun, TAD, and Nirvana.
Women's fashion
Some fashion trends that became popular amongst women were oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, ripped jeans, babydoll dresses, sweaters, flats, Keds, Converse, overalls, leotards worn as tops, and athletic shorts.
Men's fashion
Soccer shorts, denim jackets, oversized shirts, acid wash jeans and sweatpants became very popular items of clothing among men.
How technology influenced 90's fashion
Media and Fashion
Media had a big influence on fashion in the 1990s. Many movies and shows from the 90s made an impact on mainstream fashion, shows like Friends, 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full house and movies like Clueless, Juice, and Poetic Justice. Music in the 90s also influenced fashion, artists like TLC, Greenday, Boys II Men, Madonna, Nirvana and Mudhoney introduced many new fashion trends.
Some Clothes Worn During the 70's

The jumpsuit, prints, platform shoes, leisure suits, bell bottom, various sized skirts; maxi dresses, jeans, and clothes made of polyester.
70's Clothes Today
The 70's had a massive favor for music. The defining genres were dance (disco), and rock. Popular artists such as , T-Rex, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Pink Floyd, KISS, The Who, and many more had influence over the 70's. A number of these artists wore heavy makeup and dressed in clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a female.
Madonna in the 80's was a revolutionary trend setter. No matter what she did, no one could ignore her. She brought forth things like a skirts worn over tights, short pants. Sometimes they were patterned, other times they were lacy. It didn't matter what it was, the girls in school copied whatever she did with her hair, down to whatever kind of shoes she was wearing.
Through Madonna's golden age she created the material girl phase and the anti-material girl phase.
She influenced the way how young girls wore their clothing through her music videos.
Even her makeup was being copied.
She started the trend of lots of colours in makeup.
80's Workout Transformation
In 1982, Jane Fonda branched out into the home-video market with the release of workout aerobics tapes which were bestsellers. Through her exercise videos, her gym fashion was copied regularly, as a result of their fluorescent colouring. In her era, she and other weight loss gurus came with a variety of new exercise routines, fitness centers and of course, VHS tapes of weight loss and exciting workout gear.
Part of the 80s fitness craze was the rush of tight spandex gear designed to make you look like an imbecile while you worked out.
Sweatbands, headbands, leg warmers… wait, why did people ever work out in leg warmers?
Workout Gear
Mark Gastineau - Belly Shirt
Mr. T - Fool Pity’n Casual
Raquel Welch - Leotards
Jack LaLanne - Speed Suit
Gurus' Crazy Contribution to the Workout Fashion through VHS Videos:
Both male and females wore headbands.
How Michael Jackson Infuenced 80's Fashion
In the 1980s, Michael began a fashion revolution for himself, embracing a slimmer silhouette, shorter pants, bright-colored socks and, most importantly, sequins. This is also around the time when some of his most recognizable pieces of clothing found their way into pop-culture history through music videos such as Thriller, Beat It, and Bad.
He even started the jerry curl trend.
What the 80's Brought Forth.
Media's Impact in the 1980's Fashion Trends
1970's References
MTV showcased stars that influenced fashion through their music videos, giving fans a first hand glimpse into emerging trends. Their songs set the gold standard, and through constant reinvention they were able to navigate the pop culture world and keep themselves relevant. Thirty years on, they are still the standard that today's pop stars get compared to.
People of the 1980's were largely influenced by TV shows, MTV, and movies much like the rest of the population. The media influence on fashion of the time was immeasurable. Music videos showcased fashion in a way that had not been seen before and the media started to focus on a new batch of young and interesting celebrities, making the gossip more interesting than ever.
How Media Changed Fashion in the 1980's
Fashion will change according to technology. for example, pants with bigger pockets to accommodate the size of newer technology, such as the iphone 6 plus.
Television impacts trends (big bang theory makes "geeky" look in, mean girls 2 'pink is so in", etc.)
Social networking (tumblr, pinterest,etc.)
21st Century
How Fashion is Influenced in 21st Century
How Media Affects Fashion
Things That Were Recycled
How we Shop for Clothes Today
From the Television
21st Century References

1990's references
Smart Phone Apps
In Person
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