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Innovation Management

No description

AbdelAziz Nassar

on 3 April 2016

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Transcript of Innovation Management

1. What is innovation..?
2. Why it matters..?
3. Innovation & Invention
4. Process of innovation
What is innovation..?
Changing or creating more effective processes Products.
Implementing new ideas.
Improving your existing services.
Innovation can be a catalyst for the growth & success of your business.
Grow in the marketplace.

Changing your business model.
Changes in your environment.

Business strategy and the strategic vision.
Create innovative environment.
Creative problem solving.
Why innovation matters?
1. For business survival.
Change the nature of the game.
Fundamental changes in who they are, what they do, and how they do it.
Case Study
2. For competitive advantage

3.For economic growth

5.For a more constant flow of innovation

4. For better returns

6. Because cost-cutting is not enough anymore
Innovation is the route to economic growth.
Industries are maturing & products are maturing.
Transformation of new knowledge into new products, processes, or services that meet market needs.
Creates new businesses & Jobs.
Today's economy is moving from industrial & technological economy to knowledge economy.
Being innovative It could be
Case Study 1
Successful Innovation
Competitive Edge
Better service – faster, cheaper,higher quality.

Citibank (ATM)
Case Study 3
Innovation & Invention
Innovation =


Turn ideas into action & products
Create Value and generate money
Generates Value
Faster, Better, cheaper, High Quality
Service or Product - Process
The Idea

Process of Innovation
of a specific problem, challenge, or opportunity to be seized, in relation to the provision of humanitarian aid.
of a creative solution, or novel idea, which helps address a problem or seize an opportunity.
of an innovation by creating practical, actionable plans and guidelines.
Of an innovation to produce real examples of changed practice, testing the innovation to see how it compares to existing solutions.
of successful innovations - taking them to scale and leading to wider adoption outside the original setting.
Incremental Vs. Radical Innovation
- Incremental Innovation
Doing what We do but Better
Case Studies

- Radical Innovation
Ideation Techniques
SCAMPER Technique
Put to other uses
What can you substitute?
What can be used instead?
Who else instead? What other ingredients?
Other material?
Other process?
Other power?
Other place?
Other approach?
Other sounds?
Other forces?
Instead of ... I can Meteal Case...
What can you combine or bring together somehow?
How about a blend, an alloy, an assortment, an ensemble?
Combine units?
Combine purposes?
Combine appeals?
Combine ideas?
I can bring together ... and ... to ...
What can you adapt for use as a solution?
What else is like this? What other idea does this suggest? Does past offer a parallel?
What could I copy? Who could I emulate?
I can adapt ... in this way ... to ...
What can you eliminate? Remove something?
Eliminate waste? Reduce time?
Reduce effort? Cut costs?
I can eliminate ... by Buttons
How can you put the thing to different or other uses?
New ways to use as is?
Other uses if it is modified?
I can re-use ... in this way ... by ... .. Gaming
Can you change the item in some way? Change meaning, colour, motion, sound, smell, form, shape? Other changes?
Also: Magnify: What can you add? More time? Greater frequency? Stronger? Higher? Longer? Thicker? Extra value? Plus ingredient? Duplicate? Multiply? Exaggerate?
And: 'Minify': What can you remove? Smaller? Miniature? Lower? Shorter? Lighter?
I can change ... in this way ... to ... Bigger Screen
Think of what you would do if part of your problem, product or process worked in reverse or were done in a different order.

What other arrangement might be better?
Can I interchange components?
Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?
Can I transpose cause and effect?
Can I change pace or change the schedule of delivery?
Can I transpose positives and negatives?
Should I turn it around? Up instead of down? Down instead of up?
What if I consider it backwards?
What if I try doing the exact opposite of what I originally intended?
Explores new technology
Creates a dramatic change that transforms existing markets or industries, or creates new ones
Quick Test

Which of these would not normally be considered an incremental innovation?

An electric car

A low fat hamburger

Faster train journeys through better signalling

Chicken and onion flavoured potato snacks
Test Bank
Coming up with a new version of a popular chocolate bar is an example of radical innovation.

Introducing a new model TV set would be an example of radical innovation.

The use of nanotechnology to create self-cleaning windows is an example of product innovation.
Which of these is NOT an example of process innovation?

Total quality management
On-line retailing
Improved surgical techniques
Tooth-whitening chewing gum
Most of the world's population - around 4 billion people - earn less than $2/day and are therefore not
significant as targets for innovation.

Why Incermental innovation is important..?

Keep your product update
To Brought new technology
Increase your product\service life time
A significant transformation of what existed

Several Ansawers may apply
Four Dimensions of Innovation Space
Product Innovation
Position Innovation
Paradigm Innovation
Process Innovation
Changes in the things (products/services) that an organization offers.
Changes in the ways in which they are created and delivered.
Inncerimental .. Redical
Inncerimental .. Redical
Inncerimental .. Redical
Inncerimental .. Redical

Changes in the context in which the products/services are introduced.
Changes in the underlying mental models which frame what the organization does

Exercises 1
Ex. 2
Draw An Alien
Exercise 3 : List down anything in the shape of a ball
Ideation Techniques
Random Stimulation
Uncomfy Train seats ,, School


How to
Fresh Eyes

Creative styles of thinking
Ability to see relationships between unrelated things.

Memories can jump from one thing to another without linear sequence

Excel at lateral thinking, good with analogies and metaphors, humorous

People can find difficulty tracking their thinking process

Comes up with ideas subconsciously, often from nowhere, like in the shower or jogging

Very non judgmental and act from their instincts

Relaxed, Patient, free form thinker and fanciful

Impractical or unrealistic. Respect your insights and trust yourself.

Entrepreneurial in character, open to new opportunities, they manage to execute their ideas
High energy level and enthusiastic, bottom-line oriented. New ideas are acted on quickly.
Adaptive to change and in constant search for new ideas and concepts.
Trust your competitive instincts but always keep in mind considering other perspectives and alternatives

Visualizes how materials come together as the work evolves.

They love to experience with actual handwork especially texture, shape, color, mass and weight.s-on.

Trial and error approach can result in new results and creative ways of seeing things.

They may focus on small details which could result in missing the big picture.

Curious to discover and investigate therefore patient and analytical

Able to free themselves from conventional thinking and established standard

They often do fail but able to learn from their experience and carry on

Action oriented, prefer “doing” to “discussing”

Don’t miss new tracks that might be more productive than the one you’re on.

Thank You
Abdelaziz Nassar
Product Innocation
Incerimental Innovation
Windows Vista replacing XP – essentially improving on existing software idea New to the world software, e.g.,
Redical Innovation
LED-based lighting, using completely different and more energy efficient principles

Process Innovation
Incerimental Innovation
Improved fixed-line telephone services
Redical Innovation
Skype and other VoIP systems
Position Innovation
where we target that offering and the story we tell about it
Incerimental Innovation
Häagen Dazs changing the target market for ice cream from children to consenting adults Addressing underserved markets.
Redical Innovation
One laptop per child project - 100$ universal computer
Paradaigm Innovation
How we frame what we do
Incerimental Innovation
IBM moving from being a machine maker to a service and solution company –selling off its computer making and building up its consultancy and service side
Redical Innovation
iTunes platform – a complete system of personalized entertainment

what we offer the world
How we create and deliver that offering
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