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Career Planning

No description

Marcus Taylor

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of Career Planning

Having a positive attitude about your future? What would it take to get you off the sofa? Are you able to take control and not rely on others?

Career Planning
Awareness of options
Knowing what is available to you and how to find out information.

Exploring your options
Getting some practice at interviews
Making some changes
Creating an appropriate online presence
Job searching and Applying for jobs
Broad goals
“It’s a way of making a living, profession; our pathway through life”
- Oxford English dictionary
What is a career?
“An individual’s progression through learning AND work”
- John Andrews (2008)
“There’s no such thing as a career path, it’s crazy paving and you have to lay it yourself”
- Dominic Cadbury
The Journey
The ladder
Straight up and down and looking forward?
What happens if you fall off?

Crazy paving
The path we choose and create for ourselves. Is it a bit random? Are you actually moving forward?
So, a successful career path....
…is more about
than planning...
…making choices based on your
current situation
and whats available to you...
…using your
transferable skills
(the skills you learn and take from job to job)
more money than my benefits
taking control over your direction and the choices

To find something I
happier about my future
more confident about myself
a plan and for it to work
To be
of trouble
something worthwhile with my time
my chances of getting a job
To MAKE a decision
Do you know what you want, are good at and what you should work on? Can you identify what you need and how to improve your situation?
Self awareness
Are you ready to make important decisions?
Will any decisions you make, effect your family, lifestyle or benefits?
Can your situation cope with any changes made by your decisions?

making Decisions
How realistic are your goals? What's your back-up plan if they don’t work out?
Do your dreams match the reality?

Do you know what education, employment and training (EET) opportunities are available to you in your area?
Do you know where to get the information you need?

Awareness of your options
Are you able to make plans and steps to get what you want?
Are they small or big steps?
Do you know how to get help you if you need it?
How well do you cope with changes and disappointments that happen in life?
Can you pick yourself up and move on from them?
Do you have help and support if you need it?
Where can you get help?
coping With Change
Would YOU employ YOU?
What would I need to change to achieve?
What am I good at?
What do I need to work on?
Who can and is willing to help me?
Remember to…
Be patient with yourself. Success doesn't happen overnight
Step outside your comfort zone
Keep an open mind to opportunities
Work out what it is you want to do
be honest with yourself…
Get some support with…
Get motivated
Make a decision
Cope with disappointment and set backs
Make small changes to your life
Create a plan
Decide on broad or specific actions
Take control over the direction of your life before something else does....
Prepare to...
or decisions
The content of this prezi is based on the work of Liane Hambly - Career Navigator 2014
What the heck is a career these days anyway?
things on post it notes:
Think about and
keep to yourself
for the moment:
Something you are good at
Something you need to get better at
I was on the ladder, then I fell off.
My Career path was crazy paving....
We all have skills and qualities that we learn and develop throughout our lives.
Do you have the SKILLS to pay the BILLS?
But if you are stuck in a rut it can be difficult to remember what you already have and what you need.
To be able to make decisions about your direction or planning next steps whether it's into a job, education or training it's important to have following things:
Something good that no one else knows about you
something you are proud of
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