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Prezi introduction

A brief introduction to the basics of creating a Prezi

Paula Funnell

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Prezi introduction

To add text ...

Invisible frames allow you to group objects or zoom in on an area without a visible border
You can also group objects by selecting whilst holding down Crtl or shift
Use the padlock to keep the objects grouped together
To put your presentation together you'll need to create a path
Click on Edit Path on the bar on the left
Click on items in the order you want them to appear - images, text, frames, groups ...
You can drag the thumbnails around to change the order
Choose a template if you wish ...
... or start with a blank canvas
Customise a theme to choose a background, colours etc.
You can insert images, shapes, YouTube videos and even background music
Click on the hand in the centre to move the object around
You can crop images if necessary
Resize using the handles or the + and - symbols
Add frames to highlight objects or text
Introduction to
Have a go at creating your own prezi
Now you're ready to share your prezi
Click on Present to view it
There are some share options available from the edit screen:
Invite others to edit your prezi
Present online
Download as portable prezi if you need to present offline
More sharing options are available on the front page
Clicking on Exit will save your prezi and leave the editing page
See all your prezis
Get help and support
Search all prezis
View full screen
Set your prezi to autoplay
You can present your prezi to an invited audience
Download to present or edit offline
More sharing options
Grab your prezi's URL for others to watch
Invite others to edit
Embed you prezi on a webpage
Sign up or log in on the homepage
Click on New prezi to get started
Click on the title and description to modify
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