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Grow Your Community

No description

clearstream .

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Grow Your Community

How to grow and sustain a rich and vibrant research community?
...then drive the discussion using a wide range of flexible and intuitive tools...
1-to-1 Rooms
Focus Groups
Polls + Surveys
Blogs & Storyboards
Group together members
Communicate with members
Use a mix of hard data and subjective measures to get to the nub of what's motivating members, who's taking part and who's adding quality
Track time taken to respond to new tasks
Review participation in tasks
Set expected levels of engagement within tasks
Subjectively rate comments and posts added by members
Filter members by metric or task activity
Create email templates to speed up communication
Keep track of all your emails
Create engaging and meaningful environments with functionality that's relevant to the audience...
don't stifle your analysis process, develop and share your thinking as you go.
conduct live coding of comments and post

choose the profile data you want to cut your findings by, then download your data for deeper analysis

create and share reports using comments and post from tasks, your own commentary and uploaded content, all within separate client area.

design and deploy additional surveys to build your profiling

Enhance the Intrinsic value of membership and reward in ways that build loyalty and engagement.
create content that...
feeds back the upshot of research
highlights developments within the brand
build kudos around participation by creating member hierarchies - the more you do, the higher up the ladder you go.
whole tasks
parts of a tasks
individual contributions
single or groups of members
use virtual badges to further reinforce positive behaviour within the community
Harness the power of the crowd! Don't restrict members, let them grow and develop their own networks. This will strengthen engagement and build commitment to the community.
Social Stream
Social media
allow members to create their own discussion topics

add content such as photos or videos or links to other sites

make friends and follow each others discussions

create cohesion through regular organised social hours.
build the buzz by linking your community to Facebook or Twitter

enable member activity to be posted automatically to their social feeds
Refer a friend
use established member networks to help build your community

screen, then enroll new members, then reward the existing members for spreading the word
dynamic home pages
easy to use forums
Facebook style social areas
...then free members to express themselves and add to the community in a variety of ways.
social sharing
...using mobile means that members can update a variety of task types on the go, giving you real 'in-the-moment' feedback.
your app make it
more appealing
bring discussions to life
with photo an video
create diary mission
for members to complete
on the go!
allow members to easily
add photo and videos
straight from their
Client Site
easily share schedules
and project files
create dynamic real
time environments
share members comments
direct from the community
allow clients to
feedback on
discussions as
they develop
add live updates to
make site more
include Social Media feeds
to add a further dimension
Display mobile (In the moment) data in ways that engage the wider community
create maps of any
region of the world
(national or local)
create a range of categories for members to use when posting their activity

these could reflect what they're doing e.g. Shop, Drink,
Eat, Gym etc.

they could reflect how they
feel e.g. very positive,
fairly positive, not very...

members post
activity via
their mobile
members can comment and rate
each others posts
Concept test - Heat maps
Display any image /
concept to members
during analysis, filter
map using profile data to
see how different groups

highlight both positive
and negative aspects
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