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Twitter: PLN for Teachers

No description

alison chiquitucto

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of Twitter: PLN for Teachers

What is a PLN?
Personal Learning Networks (PLN's) are a way for educators to grow professionally. Each PLN is crafted and personalized based on the professional interests and goals of an individual educator. This is a free means of professional development available 24/7 from anywhere.
Why do I want to know more?
Have you ever felt the Professional Development you attend is not helping you grow professionally? Are you frustrated that PD is not differentiated? Do you want to connect and share things with your colleagues, but don't feel like you have the time? If you feel this way, then you should think about creating a PLN. Twitter can help you find what you seek.
Twitter vs. Google Search
share resources with other educators,

and participate in real-time online Professional Development.
A Personal Learning Network
What is Twitter?
Twitter is an information network that brings people closer to what's important to them.
Get started with your own PLN...
get inspired and motivated,
Sign up for Twitter today...

Some things to think about before setting up your Professional Twitter account:
*will you want to create other accounts? (maybe one for your classroom or a personal account)
*think about your user name (shorter is better, make it easy to type/ remember)

Twitter in 1 min
Why Twitter? 5min
Educators use Twitter to...
Share ideas and get feedback,
Notice the difference between search results on Twitter vs. Google
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