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Emotions Project

No description

austin o'connor

on 31 January 2011

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Transcript of Emotions Project

Emotions Project Austin "Follow Me Down" Anxious and Childlike "Say Goodbye" "The Truth" "I Gotta Feeling" Artist: 3OH!3 Artist: Black Eyed Peas Artist: Chris Brown Artist: Jason Aldean Album: Almost Alice Soundtrack Album: The END Album: Chris Brown
Also featured on Step Up Soundtrack Album: Wide Open AUSTIN It's about being sick of waiting and anticipating and just finally getting to your destination. released in January features Neon Hitch, who is an upcoming British singer released on August 8th, 2006 The song is about him feeling as if his relationship with his girlfriend is not going well and he needs to let her go. The problem is he can never find the right time to break it off with her, and he is unsure of what words to use.
He is trying to let his girlfriend down gently rather than leaving her abruptly. Guilty and Ambiguous begging your ex to cover for you to your friends in case they ask why you’re not around It’s one of those relationship-gone-bad kind of things. It talks about a guy who's going through a hard time and just doesn't really want anybody to know what's really going on. You don’t even find out what “the truth” is until the last few seconds of the song. The final line reveals that “the truth" is that he still needs her. Vulnerabililty and Humility Singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe co-wrote the song at age 19 with songwriter Brett James It was released to radio on September 28, 2009 First broadcast on US radio on May 21, 2009 about going out and planning on having a great night partying and doing crazy stuff Optimistic and Wild Sources Used:

and in love and hopefulness
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