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Wiz Khalifa

No description

dante walton

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Wiz Khalifa

Originally from Minot, North Dakota.
Born September 8, 1987. (25)
Birth name Cameron Jibril Thomaz.
Grew up in Pittsburgh Pennslyvania.
Starting Off
Wiz got the first part of his stage name wiz from being wise and intelligent.
He got the second part of his name Khalifa which is Arabic for "successor".
Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, singer, actor
Started rapping in 3rd. grade.
Started recording at 14 years of age.
Say Yeah was Wiz Khalifa's first single.
Wiz Khalifa's first movie was Mac and Devin go
to highschool.
Wiz Khalifa
By dante (S.) Walton
Early Mix Tapes
The mixtapes that got Khalifa
famous were Kush and OJ, and
Burn After Rolling.
Record Deals
Rostrum Records president Benjy Grinberg 1st
heard about wiz in 2004
Grinberg met Wiz at 16, he immediately decided
he wanted to work with him.
Then Khalifa released his first mixtape Prince
of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania, in 2005.
Wiz started Taylor Gang because he signed to Warner Bros. years ago but never released an album.
Wiz, however, has built up arguably the strongest internet fan base out of the"Hottest Breakthrough MC's of 2010" hopefuls...his army of followers is called the Taylor Gang.
Too many Tattoos to
Most personal is the MLK
one on his abdomen.
Has a tattoo on his foot
that ROSE on it.
Wiz And Amber
Met in L.A.
First talked on the internet.
When they 1st met they hit it off, so Wiz
moved down to L.A. to start his career with her,
then he started his career, so or at least got it off
the ground.
Wiz and Amber
Got engaged March 1st, 2012.
Had a child Sebastian Taylor
Sebastian was born on February 21, 2013.
Wiz Khalifa gets his swag from his dad.

Taylor Gang is a life style, made up of all the hardcore fans of Wiz Khalifa. It's family, a movement and a statement. You could say that it originated from where Wiz and his team went to high school at Taylor Allderdice and the fact that all Wiz and the crew always were wearing Chuck Taylors sneakers
Wiz is supposedly in Illuminati.
(I honestly dont think that he
They say he is bacause of the shirt that him and some people are wearing in the black and yellow music video.


Wiz Khalifa is determined to introduce his son to the ways of the world and plans to personally educate him on how to smoke marijuana.
Claims not to give up weed even after son is
Also spends 10k on weed every month.
Craziest rumor
That I was 5’6”. Somebody said they had seen me and I was 5’6”, which is outrageous—I’m taller.
Favorite shoe is Bo Jackson
Favorite food and restaurant,
turkey burgers and McDonalds.
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