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Endocrine System

No description

Kathleen Janouris

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Endocrine System

Endocrine System
Emotional & Social Changes
Physical Changes
Sexual Identity
Definition: Group of glands that release special chemicals that control most body functions.
Definition: Chemicals produced by the endocrine glands that travel through the bloodstream and cause changes in different parts of the body.
Regulate growth
Regulate activity of your organs
Responsible for how your body grows
Responsible for how you react to stress
Growth & Development

Emotional Changes:
Greater independence, new emotions, new feelings of attraction to others
Social Changes:
New friends, new relationships with the opposite sex, peer/media influences
Male: Testosterone
Start making sperm, grow pubic & facial hair, deeper voice, grow taller, acne

Female: Estrogen
Develop breasts, grow pubic hair, start menstrual cycle, grow taller, acne, hips widen
How we identify ourselves as male or female and how we express that identity through our behaviors.

There are no right or wrong feelings or characteristics.
YOU have to feel comfortable in your own identity! :)
Mrs. Janouris 2015
A gland is a group of cells that make these chemicals for your body.
Definition: stage of development when the reproductive organs mature and the person becomes able to reproduce.

Physical, emotional, and social changes are caused by increased amounts of hormones in the body.
Activity: What are some changes we go through?
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