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Charles Darwin

No description

Claire Warhover

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Charles Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin

His Discoveries
How Did His Work Impact the World?
In The Beginning...
Born on February 12th in Shrewsbury, England
Mother passed away when he was around 9
Wanted to get a medical degree at Edinburgh but ended up studying religion at Cambridge university
Joined a science expedition on the HMS Beagle
The Voyage of the Beagle
Departed December 27th 1831
Read Lyell's "Principles of Geology" while on board
Fossils showed life from millions of years ago
Investigated many places, namely the Galapagos Islands
Just the ship's naturalist (only hired to collect specimens)
What He Did Next
When he returned from his voyage on the Beagle, he continues his investigations
He married Emma Wedgwood in 1939
He had 10 children with her, 7 living to adulthood
He died on April 19th, 1882 at age 73
What he Found Out
The Theory of Evolution
Species are able to adapt on their own
Natural selection- species that didn't adapt would die off (survival of the fittest)
The Origin of Species
The accepted belief at the time, and still a belief today, is that God created the universe and everything in it
Origin of Species angered religious people
Contradicted the religious origin of humanity (Adam and Eve vs evolution)
It conflicted with bible stories and scriptures
His Legacy
Darwin's theory used the most wide variety of proof than any other theory to explain life
Writings affected many aspects of life today
Impacted zoology, botany, psychology, philosophy, and many other subjects
One of the most influential people in multiple sciences
People used his theories to support their ruthless society tactics
Karl Marx said that social class struggle was "survival of the fittest"
Hitler related natural selection to his development of a "master race"
Started a controversy with religion, a long- held belief in society
Positive Impact
By Claire Warhover
Background Information
What He
From his voyage, he observed:
Finches that were nearly identical but had unique beaks
Species of animals in multiple places separated by hundreds of miles
Limestone filled with seashells far above sea level
Lizards and tortoises able to survive on cooled lava
His Journal
What These Observations Showed
Finches' beaks showed species' adapted to their specific environment (beak for berries, nectar, etc.)
Seashells away from the ocean meant that the land was submerged and has moved
Similar species separated by oceans meant those two lands were previously connected
Species able to survive extreme conditions showed adaptability
Negative Impact
Darwin gained widespread support for his theory based on his evidence
"The Origin of Species" sparked new scientific ideas, even ones unrelated to evolution
Created new scientific thought about the way the world began and how it works
The Clash with Creationism
Darwin kept a journal of his observations, theories, and findings
On his voyage on the Beagle, he took notes on what he saw
When he returned, he made notes about the specimens he had collected
He did this everyday until his death in 1882
Darwin publishes a book titled the "Origin of Species in 1859
Explains the theory of natural selection
Due to criticisms from people, a second edited version was published in 1872
This version addressed the objections to the theory
Court Cases Dealing with Evolution
Because of the controversy, many court cases have taken place
McLean vs Arkansas Board of Education
Wanted to teach evolution and creationism equally
Ruled that the teaching of creationism was unconstitutional
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