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The Inca

No description

Christene Stratman

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of The Inca

The Inca
Incan Geography
High Altitude
12,600-foot plateau
Incan Capital
Early Incans expand empire through conquest
Incan Empire
Incan Agriculture
diverse variety of crops
dozens of corns
dozens of potatoes
Terraced Farming
prevents soil erosion on mountainside
beasts of burden
My hair is soft!
But strong for ropes!
My poo makes great fertilizer!
Social Organization
ayllu: extended family communities
members held land in common
Sapa Inca (Emperor)
High Priest
Incan ayllus
Incan-by-privledge ayllu
Errbody else
How did the Incan's control their state?
Taxation: The Mit'a.
Roads, Bridges, and Couriers.
Only the state and religious officials were exempt
Each ayllu cultivated fields within its communally held lands for the Sun and the Inca
road building, bridge building, mining
Incan Economy
Incan economy was not based on money!
No real commerce!
intensely agricultural society
government redistributed land, food, and goods gained through mit'a
communal society
Incan Roads
10,000 miles
did not have the wheel
2 "highways": Alpine & Coastal
chasquis: couriers (messengers)
1,250 miles (2,000 km) in five days
State religion: Sun worship
Apu Illapu
Temple of the Sun
ritual child sacrifice
They didn't have a written language...
knot's placement signified units
series of colored, knotted string
used by gov't officials
Spoken language
Guiding Questions
What challenges did the Incan environment present?
How were the Inca socially/politically organized
How did the Inca keep control of their state?
Riches of the Incans
The Incan Empire overflowed with Gold and Silver—but it wasn't used as money.
"In one of (the) houses, which was the richest, there was the figure of the sun, very large and made of gold, very ingeniously worked, and enriched with many precious stones....They had also a garden, the clods of which were made of pieces of fine gold; and it was artificially sown with golden maize, the stalks, as well as the leaves and cobs, being of that metal....Besides all this, they had more than twenty golden (llamas) with their lambs, and the shepherds with their slings and crooks to watch them, all made of the same metal. There was a great quantity of jars of gold and silver, set with emeralds; vases, pots, and all sorts of utensils, all of fine gold....it seems to me that I have said enough to show what a grand place it was; so I shall not treat further of the silver work of the chaquira (beads), of the plumes of gold and other things, which, if I wrote down, I should not be believed."
gold=sweat of sun
silver=tears of moon
Francisco Pizarro
Spanish conquistador
conquered Inca and killed emperor Atahualpa
*smallpox soon killed 60% and 94% of native Incans
Why did the Incan empire come to an end?
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