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Soon Peng

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of CRM

5 questions are :
3.What do you purchase online and at the retail mall?
4. What difficulties did you met when purchasing online?
2.Do you purchase product online?
If yes, why? If no, why?
For the ONLINE platform:
- Mostly apparels
- Shoes & bags
- Health Supplements
- Digital currency
- Wires & phone accessory
- Cosmetic product
- Scrapbook making materials
- Sports items
- Accessory
- Games

-Poor quality
-Got Scammed
-Wrong sizes
-Unable to return the item
-Difficult to exchange items.
-Item will be lost in the process of delivering
-Unable to try out the items.
-Items took too long to reach consumers.
Customer Relation Management

CA1 Presentation
Natasha Choo
Ong Soon Peng
Melissa Kee
Zhou xi
Tang Xin Ying
Research on the online shopping
~Market size in online purchase
Pro and con of online purchase
~Pros of online purchase
~Cons of online purchase
Survey on online shopping
Research on the data protection law
~Impacts on customer relationship
~Ensure compliance to the data protection law
Research on the online shopping
Market size in online purchase
A large market size in online purchasing
Online stores are able to cater offshore demands and service requirements.
Online shopping are done mostly by customers that are IT and computer literate.
The more exposure to technology, the higher probability that customer turn to online shopping channels

In a December 2011 study, Equation Research surveyed 1,500 online shoppers and found that 87% of tablet owners made online transactions with their tablet devices during the early Christmas shopping season.”
Quoted from "More Consumers Using Tablets to Holiday Shop [STUDY]". Mashable. December 8, 2011.
Pros and cons of online purchase

Saves Time
Wide range of choices
Cheaper prices
Rare products
Shipping cost
Waiting period
No Guarantees
See it, touch it, feel it
Survey on online shopping
We came out 5 questions.
Given out through
Do you purchase product online? If yes, why? If no, why?
What do you purchase online and at the retail mall?
Brief information about yourself
What difficulties did you met when purchasing online?
How do you pay your items?
1. Brief information about yourself
Most are age group of 17-25
Salary range from $0-$15,000
Students, office worker, housewives.

For the RETAIL MALL platform:
- All of the items from online platform answer
- Supermarket items
- Plants
- Branded items
- Travel Insurance
- Gaming items like PSP
5. How do you pay for your items?
The reasons for NO:
- The item might not be authentic.
- Prefer to spend time shopping with family.
- Fear that the item is of bad quality.
- Fear that item might not be the same as the picture shown.
- Some feel that it’s too dangerous.
- Do not have a credit or debit card yet.
The reasons for YES
- Convenience, they can shop at anywhere anytime
- Don’t have to queue with the crowds to make payment.
- Online market has more variety of items than in a typical retail mall.
- Items that are locally unavailable can be found online.
- Most of the time cheaper than the retail store due to the lack of rental fee.
- Items can be found easily at the touch of their fingertip.
- Able to get wholesales price.
- Items can be delivered right to their door, especially for those people who don’t have time to go shopping.
1. Always tell the customer about the newest information
Provides customers with the information of new products
Convenient for customer as they can find out about product information or the promotion fast.
More attention will be given by customers
Always provide promotions
Always provide discounts, multi buy offer or send them the small gift etc.
To keep a favourable connection with customers.
Provide complementary product option
For example, if customer is interested with clothes, the portal suggest variety of clothes
If the customers buy both items, the price would be cheaper than the price of one.
Convenient to the customer.
Also increases the profitability.
Free shipping provided
Delivery must be worldwide
Delivery will be free when the customer purchases an amount.
Thus prompting customers to make more orders.
Increase in profit and also good reputation
Quality assurance
Refunds or exchanging within limited days.
Increases the customer's satisfaction
There is exclusive discount for members
If customer register as member ($10 every month), they will get 10% discount for every purchase.
Thus, member will make full use of the 10% off.
Spend credit to exchange for gift or voucher
Credits will be given after purchasing.
Credits can be use to exchange items or voucher.
In order to collect more credit, customer need to purchase more.
Always keep items in-stock and prompt shipment
Always prevent shortage of supply.
If items are out of stock, the customer will have to wait for a longer time.
The prompt shipment will give the customer a good impression.
Research on the data protection law
As of 2nd January 2014, Sections 43 to 48 and 67(1) and the Eighth Schedule of the Personal data protection law (PDPL) are effective.
Impacts on customer relationship
Ensure compliance to the data protection law
Rookie companies are unable to make telemarketing calls due to the personal data protection law which they might suffer lost greatly.
With the PDPL enforced, companies are unable to make contact with new customers.
Changes the game-play of telemarketing.
Past telemarketing companies might numerous amounts of network, enabling these companies make sales efficiently.
Customers feel less disturbed now as they were receiving lesser unknown advertising messages.
Necessary tasks required for companies:
Companies are to check with the register if the number is not listed.
Unless the user given clear consent to the company in evidential form.
The company should include details of whom they are with clear means of locating them in the messages. Such that customer should always be able to be identified the company easily.
Should customers withdraw their consent from sending advertisment, the company should cease their contacts.
The company should not get numerous amount of numbers through means of conditions in any contracts.
The company should obtain an evidential form of clear consent before sending telemarketing message
The End
Thanks for the attention!!
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