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Phrases and Clauses

No description

Liz Putman

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Phrases and Clauses

What are they?
Phrases and Clauses
Types of phrases
- Prepositional phrases
Adverbial phrases
- Adjective phrases
- Appositive phrase
- Verbal phrases

- Participial phrases

- Gerund phrases

- Infinitive phrases
First up-
Prepositional Phrases
Remember, prepositions show
A quick mini lesson
Please watch the video below
Got it?
Hi, students!
Today, you will learn about phrases. In this class period, you need to click, watch, and answer all content that is related to phrases.
Take your time going through each slide.
**Any book assignment that you complete must be turned in to the turn-in tray on my desk TODAY!**

Turn to page 398 in your text book now.
Phrases DON'T have a subject or a verb!
So...that's a lot of phrases!
Test your skills by doing some practice problems.

Click the link below.
Prepositional phrases can be used as either
or as
Used as an...
Read through pages 399 - 400 in your English book.
Then, please complete page 401 #11-19 odd and page 402 #11-19 odd. Put this completed assignment into your ISN.
Appositives and Appositive Phrases
Appositive Phrases
How much did you
Click on the link to test your skills in a game of jeopardy! Select the
one-player option.
Verbal Phrases
a verbal?
A verbal is a word that looks like a verb, but it doesn't act as a verb in a sentence.
Three types of verbal phrases:
1. Participial phrases
2. Gerund phrases
3. Infinitive phrases
Participial Phrases
Definition: A form of a verb that is used as an ADJECTIVE.
These phrases modify nouns or pronouns.
Often participles end in -ing, -ed, -n, t, or -en.
A short explanation...
Don't be fooled!
Telling the difference
Next verbal phrase-

Gerund Phrase
Gerund Phrases
*Gerunds end in -ing.* *Gerunds can be used as subjects, direct objects, predicate nouns, or objects of the preposition. *
Gerunds act as NOUNS
What they look like
Complete page 413 #1-10 all.
Also, complete the writing application on this page.
Put these assignments in your ISN when you finish.
Third verbal phrase-
Infinitive Phrase
An infinitive phrase is made up of...
to + a verb
Ex. To walk
Makes Sense?

Let's see.
Verbal Review:
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