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1. What are the main elements of Japanese Bushido?

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brandon watkins

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of 1. What are the main elements of Japanese Bushido?

2.08 Comparative History
1. What are the main elements of Japanese Bushido?
The main elements of a Japanese Bushido are loyalty to shogun,education, and courage. Even though these aren't the only ones, they are the most important ones.
2. What are the main elements of European chivalry?
The European chivalry has many elements to it, but the main elements are its loyalty to their lord and to defend the church. They have to respect the lord and the church, that is why these are the most important.
3. Which of the elements of bushido and chivalry would work well for a code of chivalry in today's world? Explain .
The ones that will work best are courage in battle and education. Say if our military personal didn't have courage we would find ourselves with a smaller millitary needing more drafts to fill it and losing more wars. Also education is always important no matter what you are doing in life
Part one

By Brandon Watkins

Part 2
Education was influenced by the Bushido of Japan.
Education is helpful in today's world because everyone needs an education. Being educated helps people find a good job and also people will need education in their every day lives.
Kindness was influenced by the Bushido of Japan
Kindness is helpful in today's world because most of the time, when you are kind to someone they will be kind back. The world would just be better if everyone did one kind deed to another person each day.
Generosity to Feeble
Generosity to feeble was influenced by the Chivalry of Europe.
This is important in today's world because when you get something and your not generous people will think bad about you and you will have a bad reputation. People will think of you as greedy and selfish.
Courage in Battle
Courage in Battle was influenced by both the Bushido of Japan and the Chivalry of Europe
This is helpful in today's world because courage allows you to do things that you wouldn't be able to do other wise. Like make a big decision that can alter your life, or stick up for someone in need.
Defend the Church
Defending the Church was influenced by the Chivalry in Europe
This would be helpful in today's world because if people lost faith in their religion for what ever reason than their faith would be lost forever and the next generation wouldn't know anything about it.
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