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Sickle Cell Disease

No description

John Perez

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Sickle Cell Disease

Testing and Screening
Testing is done to you as a newborn to detect whether the child inherited this disease or not. This is just a simple blood test that detects whether or not the person has hemoglobin S. Test results come in after a day or two and other tests might be needed.
Sickle Cell Disease
What Causes SIckle Cell Disease?
This genetic disorder is an autosomal recessive gene, it is caused by the sticking of the beta globin. This stickiness is due to the DNA in chromosome 11 to be a little off. The messed up DNA switches chemicals giving the beta globin a sticky end.
Facts! (cont.)
In the United States, 1 out of every 375 African - American children are born with Sickle Cell disease
Miles Davis, famous Jazz musician had Sickle Cell Disease
Sickle Cell disease cannot be transfered or contracted after birth
Wait! There's more!
To this day there actually is a cure for Sickle Cell Disease! This is performed by bone marrow transfusions, there are a few problems with this procedure. One is that it is very dangerous and can result in death or extreme injury. Another is the trouble with finding a donor. So many people avoid this option but it is still there. This cure has to be done as an adult, it is a bit too dangerous for newborns and children.
What is Sickle Cell Disease?
Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic disorder in which red blood cells are shaped unusually narrow and are hard/stiff. This makes it difficult for the red blood cell to carry the proper amount of oxygen throughout the body.
Sickle Cell Disease does effect both interior and exterior features. It can give you yellow eyes, dark urine, pain in blood vessels, anemia, and discomfort all around. Some side effects from Sickle Cell Disease is the increase in probability for a stroke, heart disease, as well as heart, lung, and/or spleen damage. It is recommended to exercise, eat healthy, and avoid smoking and alcohol if you have this
Affects 1/4 of a million kids each year around the world
Sickle Cell Disease, is inherited
Most common among people of African decent
Tests are run on you as a newborn
This disease hits both sexes equally
Life span now reaches up to or over 50 years
This disease can cause early deaths in many ways. But there is treatment, the normal treatment is just antibiotics used to prevent any other sicknesses like pneumonia and certain infections. Blood transfusions are usually performed to help introduce more healthy hemoglobin to the person. Then Hydroxyurea is taken daily to make sure any pain isn't as bad and to reduce need for blood transfusions by accelerating the production of normal hemoglobin.
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