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Katie DeCiucies

Baer Period 6

Katie DeCiucies

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Katie DeCiucies

Thesis: The rise in deer population
should be solved by mass
extermination. Solution: The situation can
easily be solved by
the legalization of
spotlighting. Advantages:
The deer won't see whats coming to them.
The killing with be hidden from the public eye because of the darkness.
It will bring more people into the sport because it makes it a little more interesting.
You will be blinded by the light when shooting so you wont have to see the violence of the deer dying.

Literal meaning to the phrase, "A deer in the headlights". Consequences:
The Problem: The rising deer population due to... less people in American hunting. You might shoot your eye out.
The neighbors might wake up.
You might mistake other animals as deer and shoot them.
We could kill so many deer that they go extinct.

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