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What Happens When cultures Meet?

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Joanne Lee

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of What Happens When cultures Meet?

Outcome Five
The process of a assimilation when the two cultures meet often only happens when one is more advanced than the other and swallow up the other culture. This eventually leads to complete loss of cultural identity. It sometimes- like adoption, results in a complete new culture.
When Cultures Meet
What Causes Cultures to meet?
In the past, the drive to find a different settlement was a main reason cultures met, This drive could have been caused by many things, Overcrowding, war, poverty, and natural disasters are just some of the reasons for people to migrate
Outcome Two
Cultural Domination
One culture will dominate another as they each refuse to change. This happened with the African American scenario. It lead to segregation
Outcome 4
Adoption-leading off the previous slide-means that the two different cultures accept one another and merge slowly, possibly creating a Whole new culture in time.
When Cultures Meet
In this Prezi, We'll find the possible outcomes when two cultures meet
Outcome 0ne
In the first outcome is that the newcomer is rejected by the original culture and pushed away, the newcomer leaves. If they stay, life may elevate to war or lead to our other slides
Outcome Three

Adaptation rather than Adoption happens slowly. The two cultures keep their identity, accepting and giving the best they each have to offer-compromise
In conclusion, The outcomes of meeting cultures vary. From rejection to assimilation, These outcomes can either be good or bad, In New Zealand, We have been through some of these outcomes. First,1. Then 3, And now, 4.
The End...
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