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1.04 Service Project Reflection

No description

kenzie conol

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of 1.04 Service Project Reflection

With the children of the Brevard Rescue Mission Community Service ... With contributing my time and efforts to ease the issue of child care in the Brevard community. I wanted to give parents the ease of mind that their children would be in good hands while they took care of things their children could not tag along to. I wanted to ensure the parents that their children would be watched over with the utmost care and attention. ... I was becoming a part of a bigger picture. I was becoming more than just a care instructor, I was becoming a childhood friend, a child mentor. Over time I saw these children grow and develop. With every art and craft, with every boogery grin, and with every play kitchen meal, there grew a bond between the children and I, as well as I and their parents. To the parents I was more than a helping hand, I was the reason why they were able to search for jobs and run errands necessary to the support of their children. With volunteering, I came to find that... I learned what it was to truly be a part of my community. I learned to give to others and that in return, I would receive a treasure greater than no other. I received inner happiness and joy within myself to help others in need. I received thank yous deep from the hearts of a parent in need. I received stickers and doodles galore from the new friendships i had created to be remembered by the children for years to come. I learned that I wasn't just giving to the community, the community was giving to me. I was growing with the children. It was then that I learned My eyes have not only opened up to the importance of a young child's development, but i have become mroe concerned with the parents of the children who are being cared for. I see and hear of the struggles of these parents who are barely scraping by every week for their family. The children are not being neglected in any way, but are experiencing a very small and limited realm of what the world has to offer. Chained by financial obligations, and the inability to find jobs or sufficient housing by the parents has truly stricken me. Seeing this first hand has driven me to believe that I should involve myself in a bigger service project: Tackling the homeless and poverty stricken individuals of the Brevard community. This service project has affected me Thanks to my involvement in the community,
I have seen myself grow with the children I
volunteered my time to. I've come to understand
the impact that an individual can have on their
community as well as the impact the community
can have on an individual, as it did on me.
This service project has not only taught me a
sense of community, but has driven me to become
a bigger part of mine. I grew It all began...
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