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A Cell Is Like a Medieval Castle

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Joshua Alvarez

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of A Cell Is Like a Medieval Castle

The Cell Membrane
The castle bridge is like the castle membrane because the bridge has guards that let in certain people in.
The Kitchen is like the mitochondria cause the kitchen provides the food and energy to the people.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Black Smith is like the ER as in he makes the goods needed for the castle like the ER makes proteins for the cell
The Nucleus
The King is the Nucleus as in the nucleus the king commands the castle the nucleus controls the cell.
The life stock works as the ribosomes because the animals provide the energy for people to keep on working.
The Ribosomes are organelles that synthesize the proteins and send them to the nucleus
A Cell Is Like a Medieval Castle
Golgi Apparatus
The Cook can be considered as the Golgi Apparatus because he makes and packages the food and sends them to the people for energy.
The Golgi Apparatus Packages the proteins and lipids then sends them off to the cell.
The King also contains all the information about the castle like the nucleus contains the DNA.
The Cell Membrane decides what leaves and enters the cell.
The Mitochondria provides energy for the cell by breaking down protiens and lipids.
The Storage Room can be used as the vacuoles cause its used to store food and extra things for later use like the vacuoles store energy for later use.
The Function of the vacuoles is to store energy and other nutrients that the cell needs to survive
The Furnace can be known as the lysosme as in the furnace removes waste products from the cell.
The Lysosome is a organelle that breaks down unwanted material in the cell
People come in there castle to buy or sell products than can be used for the castle
The People that come out come out with the material that they got from the castle.
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