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maureen c

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Elmo

Elmo is........ A model...

She is going
very far with school
and modeling,I am so
Elmo has a ton of friends There names are cookie, Cherry and Grapie. She has even more friends but Tuck and I do not know their names. Elmo has a dog named Butterscotch. This is a picture of Elmo as a baby. Elmo was a gangster for halloween! Do you know how most teenagers want to die their hair? well Elmo did! She did really like it but it did not match most of her outfits for the modeling compations and that is why she got 2nd place. This is a picture of Elmo when her friend bigbird had just turned 1 year old! BigBird is 4 months older than Elmo. But the one thing Elmo is not aware of right now is that she is pregnet with a baby boy!!
Tuckie found out when he was giving the X-rays.
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